We have one squirrel who has figured out how to climb the birdfeeder, by-passing the squirrel guard. He’s decided that suet is a tasty treat.

Kris, dissatisfied with the current state of our gardens, recently ordered a dumptruck load of barkdust mulch. It was delivered early Saturday morning. In the back of a truck, 7.5 yards of the stuff doesn’t look like much, but once it’s dumped in your front yard, it makes an intimidating pile.


Tiffany came over to help us haul load after load after load of mulch from the road to the various garden beds. We worked long and hard. At first, I did a good job of sparing Kris’ precious plants, but after about fifty wheelbarrow loads, my ability to care about tender shoots diminished greatly. I do well at the start of big tasks, but am kind of whiny by the end.

Fortunately, we had enough barkdust mulch left over after covering the rose gardens and the herb bed that I was allowed to use some for my grapes and blueberries. I’m sure my plants will be happy.

After three hours and seventy-five wheelbarrow loads of dirt, Kris took us to Red Robin for lunch. The women had hearty appetites, but all I wanted was a light meal and a sweet drink. (To be fair, the night before we’d had a rather large Lebanese meal with Paul and Susan, followed by dessert at Papa Haydn.)

In the afternoon, Kris took a two-hour nap upstairs on the futon, cats at her side. I dozed downstairs in a sunbeam.

There’s still more yardwork to come!

3 Replies to “7.5 Cubic Yards”

  1. Rich R says:

    Which dessert did you have?? (It is unfair to post a link without this crucial detail!)

  2. J.D. says:

    Ah. I had the German Chocolate Cake, which I love at Papa Haydn. It’s fantastic. I’d try something else from the menu, but most of the stuff has coffee in it. Bastards. (I hate coffee.)

  3. Vikari says:

    I enjoyed your page. Keep up the good work!

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