My MacBook Pro crashed today. For the fifth time since I bought it a year ago, it gave me the equivalent of the Windows blue screen of death. For the second time, Nick happened to be in the room to witness my violent throes of agony.

After I rebooted, he was impressed that Safari, my web browser, restored all the open tabs from my previous session. “It’s a new feature,” I told him. “Firefox does it too, I think.”

But what amazed me was that just now, eight hours later, I reopened BBEdit, my text editor. I knew that the latest version had a session restore feature. What I didn’t know, however, was that it restored all documents, including unsaved items. You should have seen my jaw drop. This is a feature I’ve been wanting for months. (Years!) And here it is. All my precious unsaved documents (and there are nine of them — out of 53 open files) have been saved!

I am pleased beyond measure.

p.s. You cannot believe how happy I am to have my old foldedspace template back. It makes me misty.

One Reply to “BBEdit 8.7 Features Automatic Session Restore!”

  1. Paul J. says:

    Maybe you shouldn’t have Nick around when you’re “computering”.

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