It has been a strange week.

We’ve been unusually busy here at work, which is good. As you might expect, the incredible self-destructing weblog has sucked up all my spare time. Between the two, I feel drained. Meanwhile, there’s a mountain of e-mail accumulating on my computer, e-mail that needs replies. Jason wants to go for a walk? Too bad I didn’t even read the e-mail until after the suggested walking time. Somebody wants to host a wine-tasting event? I know there’s a message somewhere about it somewhere, but I can’t find it.

At night, I’m exhausted. Kris, too, has been coming home tired. Last night — our third night of this — we knew we had to take drastic action. We drove to Mike’s for burgers.

Mike’s Drive In is a sort of local Dairy Queen-type semi-fast food joint. They have good burgers and great shakes at reasonable prices. There’s no mistaking it for gourmet faire, but there are times when all you want is a good burger. (Lew’s Dairy Freeze is actually much closer to us, but we ate there the first day we were in the new house and have never gone back. We weren’t impressed.)

You know what? After a chili burger, an oreo shake, and a basket of onion rings, I felt refreshed. And fat. Very fat. (I’ve gained back all the weight I had lost this summer. Can you believe it? Of course you can.)

Back home we watched the third of four DVDs that make up Undeclared: The Complete Series. Undeclared was a short-lived sitcom from the same minds that created the brilliant Freaks and Geeks. (And, more recently, filmed The 40-Year Old Virgin, which I’ve yet to see.) Whereas Freaks and Geeks, a one-hour drama, followed the travails of a group of high school kids during the early eighties, Undeclared follows a similar group of kids as they enter college in the early aughts. (By “similar” kids, I mean that some of the same actors have prominent roles in both series, and that certain characters seem to have been deliberately plucked from Freaks and Geeks and transplanted into Undeclared.)

Undeclared struggled to find its footing during the first few episodes, so much so that we almost removed the series from our Netflix queue. I’m glad we hung in; our perseverance has been rewarded. By the end of the series, the actors and writers had become more confident, endowing each character and each story with a sort of enthusiasm that is contagious. The show busted me up several times last night: I was in stitches. My favorite character is Lizzy’s stalker ex-boyfriend, Eric. He runs a copy shop, and with his posse of co-workers, he bumbles through his possessive, obsessive life — shouting, stomping, storming, swallowing tongue studs.

10 Replies to “Burger Therapy”

  1. Lisa says:

    The blue borders are a nice change. I like them–they’re crisp.

    And, yes, I vote that the type seems a little small.

    Burger and shake nights are fabulous, aren’t they? Sadly, my favorite burger place is in Seattle–Red Mill Burgers.

  2. mac says:

    The blue looks almost black on my browser…Firefox 1.0

  3. jdroth says:

    What amuses me most about the present state of the weblog is that although things appear normal on the surface, they’re really in tattered disarray behind the scenes. My template is pasted together with string and wires and little bits of clay. Lots of things are simply broken.

    Yet, here on the front page, things look relatively normal, don’t they?

  4. This blue scheme seems very dark and sinister on my monitor… kind of Gothic… perfect for Halloween.

  5. Susan says:

    Welcome back! Your adventure this week has shaken my routine too… Maybe that is why I am salivating over the idea of having a hamburger, fries and a milkshake (and I am mostly a vegan!)

    My vote is for a little larger font size and PLEASE keep the flotch totally accessible on the main page.

  6. Rich R says:

    Kincaids is my all-time favorite burger. It started as a meat market in 1966 and now all they do is burgers. It used to be that they still functioned as a small grocery and you would eat your burger while standing at in the canned food section…Sadly that is gone now and all of the food isles have been replaced with tables.

    In the past, Kincaids has been voted best burger in Ft Worth, Texas, and even the US of A!

  7. jdroth says:

    Well, I think that’s all I have time to work on for the next 24 hours. The front page and the individual archive pages seem to be working correctly. (Please let me know if they are not.) I’ve shunted all the other pages to a temporary stylesheet so that they are at least readable. In the coming days, I’ll gradually convert each section to resemble the rest of the site.

    Also — and this will be good news to a few of you — I should be ready to begin reintegrating hosted weblogs by early next week. I have a grasp of the important under-the-hood changes with Movable Type 3.2, which is to say: we can simply ignore most of them and keep our former templates. (If we’re lucky enough to have them.) At the same time, we get to add keen new features, most of which occur behind-the-scenes.

    Anyhow — have a great day and tune in tomorrow for a review of our Arrested Development party (during which we intend to watch the entire second season)…

  8. jenefer says:

    The blue makes my eyes hurt and feels as if someone is pushing in at the temples. Font size is okay. Sometime I’ll have to get a lesson in all this terminology I should know, but you make everything so seamless and transparent that I don’t have to know to read the blog. Thank you.

  9. mac says:

    How does TypeKey know that if I’m logged in or not? There’s no log in button like at

  10. betty says:

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