About the Author

Foldedspace is written and produced by J.D. Roth. Here’s more about me and my other projects.

J.D. and Kim at Horseshoe Bend

About the Site

Foldedspace is a self-hosted WordPress blog. I coded the blog theme myself.Coding your own WordPress theme might seem daunting but it’s not. I taught myself by watching tutorials from Mr. Digital and freeCodeCamp. When I got stuck, I paid Klong Designs to find and fix problems.

Site design is based on the Tufte CSS project blended with bits from some of my favorite minimalist sites, such as Daring Fireball, Derek Sivers,, and (especially) Zen Habits. I used the Bootstrap toolkit as a foundation.

True story: The oldest bit of code on this site is the start page. I created the first version in 1999, and my sites have been using it ever since.

Software and Hardware

Most of Foldedspace was created in BBEdit, a text editor for Macintosh. Theme development was done in Nova as an experiment. (I like BBEdit better. Nova has bugs.)

Other software I use frequently to maintain this site includes:

Foldedspace is produced on a Mac Studio with Studio Display. Mobile work is done on a MacBook Air. I use Apple phones and tablets.

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