To contact me directly, send email to [email protected] I receive a lot of email. I do read it all myself but I cannot promise I’ll reply.Maximize the chance of a reply by keeping your message brief. If I do reply, it almost certainly will not be prompt. If I don’t respond to your message, please don’t take it personally.

Please DO NOT email me with business partnerships, press releases, or offers to write guest posts. All such messages will be flagged as spam. Because they are spam.Have legit business to discuss? Send snail mail to J.D. Roth, P.O. Box 1376, Corvallis, Oregon, 97339.

You can follow me on Twitter here: @getrichslowly, @jdroth. But please note that I don’t like Twitter, so check it only infrequently (and I rarely tweet). I do enjoy Instagram, but I forget it exists. I usually share photos only when I travel. You can follow @jdroth if you’d like to see updates.

Proofreading all of this, it sounds like I’m a guy who doesn’t want to be contacted. That’s not exactly true. I enjoy connecting with readers and colleagues! But I really am overwhelmed by casual spam. 🙁

Updated: 03 November 2022.

Do what's right. Do your best. Accept the outcome.
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