I’ll incorporate this birth announcement into the weblog so that people can leave messages to Kim and Sabino, and to each other. The information below is, to the best of my knowledge, accurate. Please send me corrections or additions.

Hola, Diego Manuel!

[photo of Diego bawling]

Diego Manuel Arredondo was born on 06 January 2003 at 9:25 a.m. He weighed seven pounds, three ounces, and he was twenty inches long. Diego arrived seventeen days early, catching everyone by surprise. His grandparents Kropf were still on the East Coast; they had expected to be back home in plenty of time to be present for his birth.

[photo of Diego asleep

On Monday morning, Sabino rose at 6:30, his normal hour. He went to work, but Kim called him soon after and announced that they had better get to the hospital. Sabino asked Julie to babysit Antonio, and then he sped Kim to Willamette Falls Hospital in Oregon City. They left the house at 8:30.

When they arrived at the hospital, Kim was disappointed to learn that she wouldn’t be receiving an epidural. In fact, the labor progressed so quickly that Diego was born at 9:25, after only five minutes of pushing.

Stephanie visited Kim, Sabino, and Diego, soon after the birth and took all of the photos that you see on this page (and more!).

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[photo of Sabino holding Diego]  [photo of Kim and Sabino by Diego's bedside  [photo of Sabino videotaping Diego]  [photo of Diego's first bath]

By the early evening, friends and family had begun to pour into the hospital room and out into the hall and into the lobby. Antonio had joined his family, but, according to Sabino, didn’t comprehend what all the fuss was about. Fortunately, someone (Trina?) had thought to bring Thomas and his friends, so Antonio was happy.

[photo of Kim and Sabino holding Diego]

Sabino surmised that Diego chose to be born this particular day in order to bring the MNF group together for one extra Monday past the end of the football season. Sabino declined the traditional MNF father dinner at the Outback, but the rest of the gang went anyhow. We ate enough food to compensate for his absence.


On 07 January 2003 (07:17 AM),
J.D. said:

Congratulations, Kim and Sabino! May Diego lead a long and happy life.

Antonio has a year or two to learn to share Thomas and Friends, I guess. 🙂

On 07 January 2003 (07:22 AM),
Steve Masingila said:

Congratulations!!! proud Mon,Dad and big brother

On 07 January 2003 (08:03 AM),
Jeremy said:

Way to go! Kim, we wish you a speedy recovery. Sabino, we wish for you a smooth tax season so that you may assist your wife in caring ofr Diego. Antonio, we wish for you patience to incorporate Diego into the family. And Diego, we hope your infection goes away very soon so you can begin to pester your brother!

Jeremy, Jennifer, Harrison and Emma

On 07 January 2003 (10:24 AM),
Lucy said:

Now enjoy…

On 07 January 2003 (10:43 AM),
Jackie Sande said:

Congratulations on such a fine addition to your family. No wonder the audit didn’t take as long as expected: Arredondo’s are early!

On 07 January 2003 (11:39 AM),
David Hoiland said:

Congratulations on your new boy. May the SLEEP be with you!

On 07 January 2003 (12:27 PM),
StephanieRoth said:

Congratulations on the new little golfing buddy!

On 07 January 2003 (12:45 PM),
Jennifer Gingerich said:

Two kids… yeah I know what that means. Twice the mess, double duty on the diapers, two on one wrestling matches (watch out dad!), doubled over with laughs (what else can you do), twice as much fun, and quadruple the amount of love! Congratulations on the new family dynamics!

On 07 January 2003 (02:28 PM),
Patrick Leaman said:

Hey hey! I feel priveleged to be included in the email. ‘Bino and Kim, you both look wonderful. Through this site I got to Bino’s work site. Nice update. I have heard it said from a parents perspective that when you transition from two children to three, you go from a “man to man” defense to “zone”. Be careful.

I am forwarding this to Mark Sawin!

On 07 January 2003 (02:55 PM),
Bev Landen said:

Congratulations to both of you, Sabino and especially to you Kim as the one who did all the work. I look forward to meeting your two little ones sometime.

On 07 January 2003 (03:49 PM),
Fay said:

Congratulations on your new addition. You will have so much fun with two little brothers so close. Kim, you’re still the queen of the home. Get their respect and help!! I’m so excited. Thanks for including me on your EM list. Fay

On 07 January 2003 (04:32 PM),
Kelly Thompson said:

Kimmy!! Can’t believe the little guy dropped in just the next morning after talking with you!! Sounds like you guys barely made it. I’m sure Antonio will adjust just fine…what fun! Jim’s excited cause now you’ll be able to make this weekends annual beach trip – ha!! We can’t wait to meet him, hope to drop in after the rush!! Much love and many hugs from all of us – Kelly, Jim, Rachel & Jake

On 07 January 2003 (06:03 PM),
Kara, Ron & Daphne said:

Yippee!! I can’t wait to play with my new baby cousin!! ~Daphne

Congratulations Sabino, Kim & Antonio! What a beautiful boy! We love you bunches! ~ Kara & Ron

On 08 January 2003 (08:05 AM),
Claudia said:

Kimmy, Woweee! Hey five minutes of pushing can’t be all that disappointing huh?! I am sure you were plenty organized ahead of time anyway if I know you!!!
Sabino, Take it easy on the only girl in the family now. Don’t you three gang up on her too much.
Congratulations you two. Can’t hardly wait to see you. I will let the primary school all know.
Love and kisses, Claudia

On 08 January 2003 (08:34 AM),
Dan Davis said:

Congratulations! My sons birthday was the day before!

On 08 January 2003 (08:35 AM),
Linda said:

Congratulations! Welcome Diego. What a beautiful baby boy. So happy for you and your family. Kim, you still have the glow and look great, Sabino, what a proud Dad. God bless you all. Thanks for the photos. See you soon. (If there’s anything we can do, please call) Love ya, Linda

On 08 January 2003 (08:39 AM),
Leah Feller (Sanders) said:

Conrats Kim and Sabino. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your beautiful family.

On 08 January 2003 (08:48 AM),
Lori Lawrence said:

Congratulations on a BEAUTIFUL new little one. I’m sure he will be one of those babies that sleeps through the night by 6 weeks, no? 🙂 Give him an extra snuggle and kiss from me, will you please.


Lori Lawrence

On 08 January 2003 (09:08 AM),
Cathy Flachsbart said:

Kim and Sabino- Congratulations! What fun boys are! Thanks for sharing the good news and the wonderful pictures. He is beautiful. Cathy

On 08 January 2003 (09:20 AM),
Dan said:

Way to go Diego! He must have been in a hurry to join such a great family. Kim and Sabino, have fun on your 12 weeks of maternity leave!

Big Gringo

On 08 January 2003 (10:18 AM),
Kathy Kenyon said:

Congratulations and best wishes. He’s adorable.

Have great fun with two boys.


On 08 January 2003 (10:31 AM),
Grandpa & NanaGrandma said:

We have just met you at the nursery show in Baltimore via internet! Thanks to JD! I have told approximately 100 people here in MD that I am a new Grandma!!! They can tell my ear to ear grin. We are coming home in a couple hours. Can harldy wait to hold you and yes Antonio I have some Thomas books to read to you while while I am holding Diego. Love, Nana Grandma

On 08 January 2003 (12:17 PM),
Alice said:

Congratulations! He is beautiful! Have fun with your two little guys!

Alice Dudon

On 08 January 2003 (12:51 PM),
Karin said:

Congrats Kim and Sabino! Glad to hear everyone is doing well. 17 days early and 5 minutes of pushing! We won’t even compare stories because you definitely win! 🙂 Thanks for the email note so I could check out the pictures. Maybe one of these days we can get Jonathan, Diego and Alexis together for a party. Who would have thought we’d all have kids less than 2 weeks apart?!
Love to all, Karin

On 08 January 2003 (01:54 PM),
Matthew Wilding said:

Felicidades! Welcome to the 2 boys club. Three months into it we are loving it. Hope you are all well and that you are able to squeeze in a bit of rest here and there.


On 08 January 2003 (05:56 PM),
Stacy, Tracy, Taylor and Drew said:

Great pics! What a beautiful family. God chose such a wonderful home for Diego! We are so happy for you. We will miss you ALL this weekend…..is it too late to reschedule so you can come? 🙂 Much love! Tracy, Stacy, Taylor and Drew

On 08 January 2003 (07:17 PM),
Ken Perinchhief said:

How wonderful for you to have two boys, the second of which was born on MY 68th BIRTHDAY!
Congratulations to the parents, best wishes for a healthy and properous life by whatever measuring tool he wishes to use. He and Mom and Dad take flattering pictures — something he cannot count on 68 years from now!
Read to them early and often — their very best gift from you, except for hugs and love.

Ken Perinchief

On 09 January 2003 (09:42 AM),
Norcom Bunch said:

Congratulations!! Diego looks healthy, and he was obviously excited to see the world. We wish you all the best. Get lots of rest and we look forward to seeing Diego at the office soon.

On 09 January 2003 (09:49 AM),
Shaun, Keeli, Carson and Griffin said:

The pictures look great! Everyone is smiling, healthy, happy….and you should be. Congratulations!!! By the way, Sabino, you look like the birthing thing was noooo problem. I’ve got a hot coffee waiting for you when you get back to work.

On 09 January 2003 (12:32 PM),
Cindie Brack said:

Congratulations! Diego is awesome! The second one is easier. Enjoy! Love Cindie

On 09 January 2003 (12:57 PM),
Dayna & Michael Rich said:

Kim & Sabino,
Congratulations, He is beautiful. We look forward to watching what wonderful things God has planned for him and you. You are in our prayers.
May God Bless you family

On 09 January 2003 (01:32 PM),
Michelle Harrington said:

Congratulations Kim. 2 boys, I know how wonderful that is. Diego is beautiful. Take care of yourself.
Michelle Harrington

On 10 January 2003 (10:45 AM),
Mark Metzler Sawin said:

Hey ‘Bino & Kim,

Congrats! It’s great to see your family — you all seem happy and well. Take care and remeber Sabino, that Pat and I are still willing to support you for a Presidential run. You’ll soon be 35 so I’m expecting big things from you in 2008.


On 11 January 2003 (11:43 AM),
Hearth Classics Crew said:

Congratulations from everyone at Hearth Classics on the new addition!!! Two beautiful boys! More really is merrier.
Best wishes for sufficent sleep, patience and diapers. We would include wishes for lots of love, but we can see al the love that shows in the pictures.
A beautiful family!

The crew at Hearth Classics.

On 11 January 2003 (01:42 PM),
jennifer lyn gingerich (the OTHER jennifer…) said:

pretty cool!! congratulations and may you be filled with love and joy, and lots of support. 🙂 wish i could be there to see Diego in person.

On 13 January 2003 (09:17 AM),
Randy & Seanette Smith said:

Congratulations!!! May God bless your new addition :0). Randy, Seanette, Alex & Brock Smith

On 13 January 2003 (06:48 PM),
Tonya Harmelink said:

Congratulations on your new addition. Kristin sent me the update on your family. Best wishes as you become a family of four. Great pictures!

On 15 January 2003 (07:20 PM),
Carolyn Jackson said:

Kim and Sabino,

Wow! Diego sure knows how to announce his arrival, congratulations! Cudos to the photographer on the opening shot, it’s a great one. You all look fabulous. Kim, you’re just amazing, 5 minutes of pushing, you do win!

On 16 January 2003 (01:44 PM),
jewell said:

Beautiful. I’ll try and come for a visit next week. We had a good time at the beach, but missed you. Love, Jewell

On 17 January 2003 (07:53 AM),
Jana Petersen said:

Hey Congrats, I hear you’ve already adapted to having a new little one around. I enjoyed the pictures and the run down on the special event. Enjoy every moment while their young!!! I know you will! Can’t wait to meet the little guy.

On 20 January 2003 (05:46 AM),
Michelle Miller said:

Kristin also sent me the site to get a look at the new addition to your family. Congratulations!

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