After my complaints that I performed poorly during my interview with Yahoo Finance last week, it’s interesting to see how everything turned out. Here’s the article and video about my experience being audited by the IRS:

It’s instructive to see how professionals take thirty minutes of footage and edit everything down to two minutes, fifteen seconds.

I’m well aware the importance of editing, of course. I preach editing fundamentals when I speak at blogging conferences, and I’ve learned to edit photos (both individual photos and collections).

But as Kim and I move toward future video projects — such as the Awesome People Project, which I’m eager to pursue — I’ll need to learn to sharpen those editing skills. Right now when I create video, I typically compress by about half. If I take twenty minutes of video, my final product is usually about ten minutes long. I know each circumstance is different, but I feel as if I have a lot of room for improvement.

Practice will be key. I know that. Right now, however, I’m not practicing. I’ve been too busy with RV stuff and focusing on fitness so that I’m not working with video like I should. Time to fix that, I think.

Any suggestions for short subjects you’d like to see me make? I’m willing to do anything about Portland or finance or comic books or whisky…

5 Replies to “My Experience with an IRS Audit (Video Edition)”

  1. Coach Jen says:

    JD, that video was awesome! Never doubt yourself, you always do great! I tend to gush about my kids, as you well know, but I do want to suggest you visit with Faith about editing. She is amazingly skilled at it!

  2. Josh says:

    Try setting an arbitrary limit on running time for one of your upcoming videos. Say, 3 minutes. It’ll be a great exercise in editing, and the positive result may help you come to terms with all the gore on the cutting room floor.

  3. Sarah says:

    JD, you did a great job in the video! I have always liked reading your articles and blog posts because you have such a distinct voice that comes across as very friendly, clear, and informative. Your video was no different! I am looking forward to watching more of your Awesome People videos.

  4. JoannaTopaz says:

    How about a “whatever happened to” on some of the digest-sized comics (I remember Little Lulu, am blanking on the others)? They used to come with shoe purchases in the 1970s/80s. It’s one of those questions that occasionally flits across my mind.

  5. Diane C says:

    Hi JD, I notice that when you shifted into the tips segment, your voice relaxed a bit. Maybe you are just more comfortable with giving advice than revealing personal information. Not sure what it’s worth, just wanted to pass along this small observation.
    P.S. DH just got his 8.8k worth of braces off and his teeth are beautiful!!! I hope you are equally thrilled with your results in the end.

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