Many people have noted that Crossfit is like a cult. It sucks you in until you live and breathe the stuff, and you have to exercise restraint from converting everyone you know. For a long time, I resisted this cult. No more.

Crossfit is awesome. It’s changed me physically, but it’s changed me emotionally and mentally as well.

  • I love that Crossfit workouts scale to meet me at my skill level. If I can’t lift 165# over my head for five minutes, fine. I lift 95# over my head for five minutes instead.
  • I love that Crossfit teaches patience. I may not be able to lift that 165# overhead today — but I’ll bet I can in a year. A year ago, I couldn’t lift 200# from the ground. Today I can lift 300#. That improvement took me a year. It was gradual, and I had to be patient.
  • I love Crossfit gives me confidence. I’m able to do things I never though possible. I mean, really: me a weight-lifter? Get real. Me? Doing fifteen pull-ups. You’re dreaming! But I can do these things. And by doing them, I know that I can go out and accomplish other things in my life, too.
  • I love that my Crossfit colleagues are my family. We sweat together every day. We have rivalries and in-jokes. Sure, we complain about each other now and then, but fundamentally, we’re in this together. We all want to see the other members of the gym improve.

Basically, I love that Crossfit has made me a better person.

Which leads me to this promotional video for Crossfit Liverpoool, which Mackenzie shared on Facebook. Mac and Pam have caught the Crossfit bug, too, you see. I’m not sure they’re actually in the cult yet (though Mac might be!), but they’ve incorporated Crossfit workouts into their lives and seem to like it.

Mac says this is the best Crossfit video he’s ever seen. I agree.

Note: Part of joining the Crossfit cult means watching Crossfit videos. Again, I resisted this for a long time. Now, though, I’m hooked. Crossfit videos rock!

Crossfit isn’t for everyone, and I know that. It takes time. It’s expensive. It’s hard work. But if you have the time, money, and energy, Crossfit is an awesome way to build physical and mental toughness.

2 Replies to “Get Better”

  1. David says:

    Back in November of last year you inspired me to try Crossfit, I’m now part of the Crossfit cult. I’m an accountant so I initially started reading “Get Rich Slowly” because I love discussions on money, but now I really look forward to your updates on your Crossfit experience the most. Keep up the great work.

  2. mac says:

    JD…I’m definitely on the crossfit bandwagon. I’ve sipped the kool-aid and joined the cult. I’m sitting here in Starbucks right now wishing I could go to the box and do today’s workout…all I know is that “long socks are required” which means rope climbs or deadlifts, both of which I love to hate. Instead, I’m giving my body the rest it needs after last weeks epic runs and lifting sessions.

    Currently I’m really struggling with how to split my time between my mistress (CF) and my wife (running). Running wins at least until August but after that, who knows…

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