by J.D. Roth

My name is J.D. Roth and this is Foldedspace.

Foldedspace is an old-fashioned personal weblog. For 20+ years, I’ve been using this space to tell stories, explore ideas, and share the fun and interesting things I find on the web.

I built my first first website during the summer of 1994. I started my first web journal — the word “blog” didn’t yet exist — on 16 August 1997 and my first weblog on 22 September 1998. I started writing Foldedspace at Blogger on 16 March 2001.

I intend for this version of Foldedspace to bring together all of my non-financial writing from around the web.My financial writing lives at Get Rich Slowly. Gradually, over time, I’ll gather everything I’ve written on my other blogs, posted at Facebook, and published in other corners of the internet.

Meanwhile, I’ll continue to publish regular musings on the merits of Star Wars, mechanical pencils, Japanese whiskey, the DIY ethic, bi-partisanship, world travel, hound dogs, and the music of Taylor Swift. I don’t expect you to like everything I like or to believe everything I believe. I do, however, expect you to be civil while you’re here. Sound fair?

If you have questions or concerns, contact me. Otherwise, dive in. Have fun!

Or, if you’d like, search this site to find what you need:

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