See this image?

Do you know what is absolutely remarkable about what you see here? I know some of you have already figured it out. No, it’s not the gross amount of fur you see clinging to the blanket in the foreground. No, it’s not the clothes draped all over the footboard.

What’s remarkable about this image is that Toto — the black cat — is curled up asleep next to Nemo (the Siamese, who is rolling to demonstrate how cute he is) and Max/Meatball (who is stretched long, trying to stay as far away from Toto as possible).

Nobody is growling in this scene. Nobody is hissing. In fact, these three had been asleep together for a couple hours before I thought to grab my camera.

I wish I could report that the truce held, but Toto returned to her surly self moments after I took this photo. “Why the hell am I sleeping on the bed with my brothers?” she asked as she hissed away…

2 Replies to “Peace in Our Time”

  1. Joel says:

    Yep, I saw that picture and instantly thought, “If only the Arabs and Israelis could see and understand this inspiring image!”

  2. Mom says:

    Maybe Toto is secretly a Jihadist — (Mitt Romney’s favorite term). 😉

    Seriously, I would be amazed if my three cats inhabited the same sleeping surface. Things have progressed here to the point where Silver sleeps at the foot of my bed and Stevie sleeps up near my head for most of the night, but Socks stays in the office because of her past history of burrowing under my covers and biting my legs. During the daytime, all three have their own separate territories and stay far away from each other. Maybe my problem in not getting them to be cute and sleep together like this is that I need to leave my bed unmade. 😉

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