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Who Owns the Memories?

26 August 2009

This article was originally published at Foldedspace on 11 January 2002. Recently I’ve given a lot of thought to the responsibilities and obligations of a journalist. When I say journalist, I don’t mean a reporter; I mean a person who keeps a journal, or a weblog, or who writes a personal history. Through my weblogs, […]

On the Proper Use of ‘Me’ and ‘I’

10 August 2009

This article was originally published at Foldedspace on 14 September 2006. I’ve been noticing this error again lately, and so wanted to revisit the subject. Listen people, this is easy: you do not always use the word “I” when speaking of yourself and another person. I’m going to be called a grammar Nazi for devoting […]

Writing for Different Crowds: Why I Chose to Combine All of My Blogs Into One

06 August 2009

Eventually I realized that I was doing myself a disservice. I wanted to write about this other stuff, about animal intelligence and comic books and fitness, but having separate blogs for each topic was just too much of a barrier, both for me and for potential readers. I decided to resurrect Foldedspace and to use it to feature all of my non-financial writing.

On the Merits of Weblogs

20 July 2009

Many would argue that there are limits to what one should share on the web. Some lives are too mundane, or some details of life too personal. I disagree. Within the confines of the law, and the boundaries of friendship, I think one should write about anything and everything.

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