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Behind the Scenes with Buying Food

25 July 2009

As with all of these old insructional films (I’ve watched dozens over the past couple of months), I love Buying Food in oh so many ways. I love the cheesiness and the earnestness. But I love it for non-ironic reasons, too. I love the glimpse into the past, I love the writing (it does a great job of distilling ideas into a short segment), and I love a lot of the individual frames. Here are some of my favorites.

Meal Planning

23 July 2009

I do a lot of writing — and a lot of reading — for Get Rich Slowly. During the process, I’m exposed to all sorts of ideas: some old, some new. One new idea (to me) that Kris and I have adopted is once-a-month shopping. Last night, Kris and I spent ten minutes drawing up a tentative meal plan.

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