Apparently this is not new, but it’s new to me!

4 Replies to “They’re Taking the Hobbits to Isengard!”

  1. Lance Lavandowska says:

    the kids and I loved this one when it came out a few years ago 🙂

  2. Paul J. says:

    For someone who professes to hate these movies as much as you do you sure do waste alot of “ink” on them. I guess that it shows the level of your disappointment and frustration with them.

    Hope you’re able to get out and enjoy the snow.

  3. pam says:

    Oh, no – I think my son looks like Gollum!

  4. Joel says:

    I feel strangely affected by this video, as though a bee had stung my brain, and now it has swollen to twice its former size. But the swelling has not made my brain better, nor me smarter. Rather, the swelling has had a stupiding affect on me.

    Yes, dumber. I feel much dumber.

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