March 2003


23 March 2003

In which I have too many magazine subscriptions.

In which Kris and I watch a bird in the cherry tree. Might this lead to a hobby someday? (He asks with three years of hindsight.)


20 March 2003

In which I grew up around animals, and I list them all.


16 March 2003 · 5 comments

Kris and I braved stormy weather to travel to Sweet Home on Saturday to attend the marriage of my youngest cousin, Ben Swartzendruber. The event was notable because it was the first time I’d seen some of my cousins in more than a decade. I have many cousins. They have many children. We all look […]


16 March 2003 · 2 comments

In which I have many cousins. In which my cousins have many children.

A Wonderful World

14 March 2003

In which I post the final project for my photography class, an iMovie set to Louis Armstrong’s “A Wonderful World”.

Comfort Films

13 March 2003

In which I list the films that I return to time-and-again for solace.

Milky Women

12 March 2003

In which Tony brings me jerky. In which I have a chance encounter with a fellow photography student. In which is the top google match for the phrase ‘milky women’.

In which I share the recipe for my famous clam chowder, a chowder I like better than any other I’ve tried.