May 2003

In which I remember my father and how enraptured he was by a particular song. In which I begin to see something of him in myself.


13 May 2003

In which I make a transition from introvert to extrovert.


12 May 2003

In which before my love affair with U2, I had a fling with Asia.

Mix Tapes

09 May 2003 · 3 comments

In which I remember the mix tapes I used to make in high school, and give track lists for the best ones.


07 May 2003 · 1 comment

In which Mac and Joel and I are helping Debbie do market research on videophones.


04 May 2003

In which I reuse an old photograph; my tripod breaks and I use Warren’s; we lurk in alleyways, snatching photographs; I research photographers’ rights.