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Brinkmann ProSeries 2200

23 March 2004

In which I buy a new grill. In which I redesign this site.

Ants of Mystery

22 March 2004

In which the ants are not only invading our house, but they’re also invading our shrubbery!

Sunny Sunday

21 March 2004

In which spring is here and I take photographs.


20 March 2004

In which I wonder what makes us who we are: Are we defined by the work we do? By the hobbies we keep? By our personalities?


16 March 2004

In which this site turns three.

Host Hunt

14 March 2004

In which I research web hosts in preparation to moving foldedspace.

My Husband, the Chef

13 March 2004

In which describes the terrible ordeal of the Texas Sheetcake.

The Best Uncle Ever

12 March 2004

In which I am the best uncle ever.

On the Malleability of Time

11 March 2004

In which I meditate on the strange ebbs and flows of time, it’s strange ability to elongate and contract to fit our mental state.

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