April 2004

I Remember the Train

30 April 2004

In which I have fond childhood memories of trains, a mode of transportation that has all but disappeared.

Super Powers

29 April 2004

In which we discuss our favorite superheroes and try to decide which super powers we’d like to have.

Kind of Blue

28 April 2004

In which a conversation with kids — Harrison and Emma — helps turn a blue day into a good one.


20 April 2004

In which I discuss urban legends.

How Did We Get Here?

19 April 2004

In which I share the notes and research I made on 9/11 and the days following, and I try to explain how these things occurred. A great discussion ensues.

Geek Squad

16 April 2004

In which I grew up a geek (especially in junior high).

In which my readers and I each discuss the ten books that have been most important to our lives.

American Ethnic Food

06 April 2004

In which I discover the joys of Tater Tot Hot Dish.