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31 October 2005

In which we experience an early-morning wind storm.

Bumper Bowling

29 October 2005

In which we go bowling with the Gingeriches and their kids.

My Throat Hurts

28 October 2005

In which my throat hurts.


27 October 2005

In which I review the recent science fiction film, Serenity. I liked it but thought it flawed.

The Dewey Dumbcimal System

26 October 2005

In which I attempt (and fail) to organize my nonfiction library according to the Dewey Decimal system.

In Praise of Autumn

25 October 2005

In which I reminisce about autumns past.


24 October 2005

In which I bemoan the fact that I am easily distracted, especially by ‘wide distractions’ such as the internet. Is there hope for me?

Autumn Weekend

22 October 2005

In which autumn is here. In which I attend the Multnomah Country Library book sale with Mitch and his children. In which we have dinner in McMinnville.

Memories Are Like This

21 October 2005

In which I remember what autumn evenings felt like as a child, especially the music.

Rosemary Verde

19 October 2005

In which I share a recipe for a rosemary-flavored cocktail from Ciao Vito. In which I have confidence in myself.

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