May 2008

Kris and I met Dave and Karen on Sunday to see the new Indiana Jones movie, The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. This was a fun nostalgic throwback for me because I saw the first two Indiana Jones movies in the theater with Dave when we were much younger. (Much younger.) Though I had hopes […]

Oregon Mist

28 May 2008 · 2 comments

It’s one of those days I love. It’s about 15 degrees centigrade (which is 59 for those of you in Oregon City), the skies are grey, and there’s a light rain falling. A perfect Oregon day: warm and wet. Over the past month or so, Kris has developed a system to ensure I don’t spend […]

Strange. I haven’t written anything since last Wednesday or Thursday. Now that it’s time to get some stuff ready for the morning, I find that I don’t have it in me. My writing muscles won’t flex. They’ve atrophied. It’s great to take time off, but I find that this is sometimes the result — I […]

Here’s a good old-fashioned Foldedspace post for you long-time readers who pine for them. Last weekend I exercised my heart out. On Saturday I went for a 12 mile run and a 29 mile bike ride. Before my ride with Paul and Susan, I prepped my bike for the road. “That’s strange,” I said as […]

New Schedule

06 May 2008 · 6 comments

I seem to have found the key to my productivity: delay my gym trip from 7am to noon. Instead, I focus those first five hours of the morning on Get Rich Slowly. It’s amazing what a difference that makes. Though I spend plenty of time on miscellaneous blog tasks (checking stats, design work, answering e-mail), […]

Sick and Tired

03 May 2008 · 3 comments

Kris is sick. I am tired. It’s 5:38 on a Saturday afternoon, and we’re both in bed, ready to sleep. We may not get up until morning. Kris started getting sick in the middle of the week. “I always get sick after our trip to Sunriver,” she said when she first began to wheeze. “And […]

I’ve just returned home from my morning workout, and am sitting at the computer writing a piece for Get Fit Slowly. I can hear Maxwell thumping around, but I’m not really paying attention. Soon, however, the thumps turn into squawks, and then to growls. Max and Nemo wrestle a lot, so I’m not too concerned. […]