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The epiphany

30 January 2021

I had an interesting insight during the dog walk earlier this week, and I want to set it down before I forget it. Tuesday was a good morning. I felt confident (which is unusual for me in recent years) and I was productive. I got stuff done. During the dog walk, my mind started to […]

Trees are my enemy

26 January 2021

I know it’s commonplace for middle-aged men to complain that growing old isn’t for sissies, but I’m about to grouse about my health. Fair warning. Now, nothing drastic is wrong with me at the moment. Thank goodness. But in recent years, I’ve experienced a variety of physical woes, large and small. I’ve had pneumonia, which […]

The clarity of purpose and perspective that comes from taking time off

19 January 2021

I’m currently on vacation with Kim’s brother and his family. We’re enjoying a much-needed beach retreat. Before we left for this trip, I felt overwhelmed. I was overwhelmed by U.S. politics. I was overwhelmed by my work at Get Rich Slowly. I was overwhelmed by the things that needed to be done around the house. […]

Finding leaks and rot in our crawlspace

14 January 2021

Kim and I moved out of our lovely penthouse condo in June 2017 and moved into our quaint country cottage. In many ways, we love the place. But in some ways, this has been the worst financial decision I’ve ever made. This house has been a money pit. And I have very real fears that […]

George Washington’s farewell address (abridged and in modern English)

10 January 2021

Yesterday, I shared George Washington’s farewell address from 19 September 1796. In it, he warned Americans against devolving into political parties and he encouraged them to remain neutral when it comes to international politics. I really, really like his speech, and I wish more people would read it. But it’s long (6000 words) and while […]

Switching servers

I’ve had a couple of folks write to tell me that they’re trying to comment here at Folded Space but can’t. When they try, they get an internal server error. And you know what? When I try to post new pieces, I sometimes get that same internal server error. I don’t know precisely what is […]

George Washington’s farewell address (from 1796)

09 January 2021

Last July, my friend Miranda and I had a long conversation about politics in the U.S. I expressed (once again) my frustration with this country’s political parties. I think our current two-party system creates many of our woes and I hate it. It’s the reason that — until 2020 — I’ve always voted for the […]

Life without alcohol is life on easy mode

08 January 2021

While walking the dog this morning, I had a realization. A re-realization, really. I was struck by the difference in my mindset today vs. when I’m consuming too much alcohol. The past couple of days have contained a lot of stressors for me. Although Tuesday’s riots at the U.S. Capitol weren’t unexpected, they still way […]

American Dharma

06 January 2021

Last weekend, I watched American Dharma, the 2019 Errol Morris documentary that profiles political strategist Steve Bannon. Here’s the trailer. This preview does an admirable job of encapsulating the film in just 2-1/2 minutes. Like all Morris documentaries, American Dharma is fascinating. Because I deliberately try to steer clear of the news, I didn’t know […]

How much time do people spend in a hot tub?

05 January 2021

Nearly three years ago now, Kim and I had a hot tub installed at our “country cottage”. I know some people consider hot tubs (and pools) to be foolish expenses, but that’s largely (I think) because most people don’t use them often enough to justify their cost. They get installed, then they become money pits. […]

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