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The snowball method of writing stories

06 July 2021

While mindlessly browsing the web this morning, I happened this 15-year-old comment at AskMetafilter. It is, in essence, a description of what I’m going to call “the snowball method” for writing a story. Why snowball? Because the writing process builds upon itself, gaining size and speed as the work progresses. Here’s the entire comment from […]

An introduction to Japandi design (and more)

05 July 2021

As Kim and I begin our house hunt, it’s become clear that I am drawn to mid-century modern design. Yes, I realize that’s a bit cliché. Mid-century modern (or MCM, for short) is popular with many, many people. For me, I’m drawn to MCM — or any sort of modernist design, really — because it […]

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