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Long Way Round

22 January 2014

My desire to travel was originally inspired by books. The television show The Amazing Race, however, goosed me into action. I loved seeing the different countries and cultures teams visited as they raced around the world (“…for one million dollars!”) After I began my own series of travel adventures, however, I realized the “reality” shown […]

Spitfire 944

14 June 2013

Here’s a lovely short film (about fifteen minutes) about a tiny slice of World War II history. William Lorton’s great uncle was a doctor in the U.S. Army Air Corps. There, he shot 90 minutes of personal footage of the war, including one segment of a crash on an airstrip in England. Through a bit […]

In Praise of Traffic Circles

24 April 2013

From the first time I drove on English roads in 2007, I’ve been in love with the roundabout. Roundabouts are seldom used in the United States. There are a few around Portland (and, especially, in Lake Oswego and Bend), but mostly we favor traffic lights. But traffic lights create congestion. From what I’ve seen in […]

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