19 December 2003

In which I rant about digital effects in film-making. They’re overused!

Lux Magna Orta Est

15 December 2003

In which I accompany Dave and Karen to Baroque Christmas music at Trinity Episcopal Church.

Friend Thanksgiving X

08 December 2003

In which Kris Gates is always right.

The Cinnamon Bear

01 December 2003 · 38 comments

In which I remember childhood Christmases, listening to the Cinnamon Bear on the radio.

The Family Business

25 November 2003

In which working in a family business has its ups and downs.

Found Photo

22 November 2003

In which I find a Roth family photograph during a trip to an antique store.

The Literary Canon

16 November 2003 · 2 comments

In which I meditate at length on the nature of the literary canon.


10 November 2003

In which a tasty Japanese candy rips a crown from one of my teeth.


09 November 2003

In which we join the Mirons for BINGO at the Senior Center. In which I win money playing BINGO at the Senior Center.

In which I rave about the best science fiction films ever made. (And share some of my favorites that aren’t particularly good.)