Please Please Please

In so very many ways I was a typical angst-filled teenager of the mid-1980s. I sulked and pouted, pierced my ears, shaved my head (but only half of it), wrote black poetry, etc. The angst-rock of the era was the soundtrack of my life: New Order, The Cure (their 1985 album, The Head on the Door, was a fixture in my tape deck), Tears For Fears.

I never bought all the way in, though: I didn’t like The Smiths. I didn’t hate The Smiths, but I couldn’t understand why my fellow sulksters worshipped them. The Smiths took whininess and depression to depths that I couldn’t fathom.

I liked one song by The Smiths. One song. (Presented in lower-case as a tribute to those angst-filled years…)

how soon is now
by the smiths

i am the son and the heir

of a shyness that is criminally vulgar
i am the son and the heir
of nothing in particular

you shut your mouth
how can you say
i go about things the wrong way
i am human and i need to be loved
just like everybody else does

there’s a club if you’d like to go
you could meet somebody who really loves you
so you go, and you stand on your own
and you leave on your own
and you go home, and you cry
and you want to die

when you say it’s gonna happen “now”
well, when exactly do you mean?

see i’ve already waited too long
and all my hope is gone

you shut your mouth
how can you say
i go about things the wrong way
i am human and i need to be loved
just like everybody else doesAdmittedly, I liked the song a lot, but it was just one song.

During these adolescent years, there was only a portion of me which was riddled by angst. It was a large part of my personality, indeed, but the whole time that part of me stood permanently beneath a black cloud, other parts of me were loving live, building friendships that last til this day.

Gradually, the angst-rock which had been a central part of my life faded into something of an accent, something that I listened to only now and then.

For a time I was a DJ at KWU, the college radio station. I found one song in the heavy rotation bin that I loved to play: Morrisey’s Every Day is Like Sunday. It took me a while to recollect that he was the lead singer for The Smiths.

every day is like sunday
by morrisey

trudging slowly over wet sand

back to the bench where your clothes were stolen
this is the coastal town
that they forgot to close down
armageddon – come armageddon!
come, armageddon! come!

every day is like sunday
every day is silent and grey

hide on the promenade

etch a postcard :
“how i dearly wish i was not here”
in the seaside town
that they forgot to bomb
come, come, come nuclear bomb

every day is like sunday
every day is silent and grey

trudging back over pebbles and sand

and a strange dust lands on your hands
(and on your face…)
(on your face …)
(on your face …)
(on your face …)

every day is like Sunday
“win yourself a cheap tray”
share some greased tea with me

every day is silent and greyJust as dark and depressing as always, but I loved it. And, a few years later, Morrisey produced this absolute gem:

the more you ignore me, the closer i get
by morrisey

the more you ignore me, the closer i get
you’re wasting your time
the more you ignore me, the closer i get
you’re wasting your time

i will be the in the bar with my head on the bar
i am now a central part of your mind’s landscape
whether you care or do not
yeah, I’ve made up your mind

the more you ignore me, the closer i get
you’re wasting your time
the more you ignore me, the closer i get
you’re wasting your time

beware! i bear more grudges than lonely high court judges
when you sleep i will creep into your thoughts
like a bad debt that you can’t pay
take the easy way and give in

yeah, and let me in
oh, let me in

it’s war, it’s war, it’s war

it’s war, it’s war, war war war war

oh, let me in As much as I like these three songs from Morrisey, I find that I prefer his music when it’s covered by other artists. For example, both The Pretenders and 10,000 Maniacs have covered “Every Day is Like Sunday”, and I find their versions superior to the original. More recently, the Russian lesbian duo (how strange does that sound?) t.A.T.u. have produced an outstanding cover of “How Soon is Now”, a cover that even Morrisey likes. This version rocks. I love it. It’s the most-played track on my iPod right now. Here’s a funny snippet from an interview with Morrisey (pilfered from a great t.A.T.u. fan site:

Morissey, former singer of The Smiths, who originally wrote and performed the song “How Soon Is Now?” in 1984 had this to say about t.A.T.u. in the U.K.’s Word Magazine:

Word: Did you hear t.A.T.u.’s version of “How Soon Is Now?”
Morissey: Yes, it was magnificent. Absolutely. Again, I don’t know much about them.
Word: They are teenage Russian lesbians.
Morissey: Well, aren’t we all?

And a bit from The Beat magazine:

“Morrissey and myself were far more fanatical about the band than even the most fanatical Smiths’ obsessive.” says guitarist and founder of The Smiths, Johnny Marr with surprising enthusiasm of the finest British band of the past two decades. “We were our biggest fans and everything that the band was about we really loved. It was a really, really amazing time. It wasn’t just kind of a bunch of young guys goofing around and the stuff that happened to us didn’t happen by accident. It was borne out of complete passion and ridiculous intensity and that’s why we sounded the way we did.”

Unfortunately, I just couldn’t identify with their complete passion and ridiculous intensity. I just wasn’t that angst-filled.


On 19 June 2003 (08:32 AM),
J.D. said:

Okay. Four songs. (How could I have forgotten this one, since my entry’s title is taken from it?)

please please please let me get what i want
by the smiths

good times for a change
see, the luck i’ve had
can make a good man
turn bad

so please please please

let me, let me, let me
let me get what i want
this time

haven’t had a dream in a long time
see, the life i’ve had
can make a good man bad
so for once in my life
let me get what i want

lord knows, it would be the first time
lord knows, it would be the first time

Four songs.

On 19 June 2003 (10:02 AM),
Joelah said:

“Girlfriend in a coma” always gives me a chuckle.

On 19 June 2003 (12:15 PM),
Dave said:

As does Mojo Nixon’s cover of “Girlfriend in a Coma”

On 19 June 2003 (12:20 PM),
Paul said:

I appreciate the smiths arrangements. The guitar by Johnny Marr was up beat and fun while Morisseys sweet voice oozed the angst you highlighted here. The cure on the other hand used their arrangements many times to highlight the dark emotions they were protraying through their music. In the end, synthpop was fun regardless of the lyrics and continues to brighten my day when it comes on.

On 19 June 2003 (12:44 PM),
Dana said:

My favorite Cure song is one (if not the only) of their peppy songs, Friday I’m in Love. I’m generally not a fan of the angsty-er stuff from the 80s. I like quirky and upbeat more, like TMBG. Never really got into either the Smiths or Cure, although of course you couldn’t really get away from them, either. I didn’t really start being a consumer of music until College, though. Didn’t listen to (or own) records or listen to the radio much till then.

On 19 June 2003 (03:14 PM),
Rich said:

i know that it is physically possible to like both morrisey’s “Every Day is Like Sunday” and 10,000 maniacs’ cover of the song, but you have to admit it is difficult. natalie’s singing is so light and happy that it almost mocks morrisey’s angst, don’t you think? i never took that cover as sincere.

speaking of cover songs – my favorite cover song of all time is prince’s “raspberry beret” done by the hindu love gods (warren zevon singing with REM — minus michael stipe — playing the music). kicks ass.

On 19 June 2003 (03:21 PM),
Dana said:

My favorite cover of all time is probably an obscure acapella group, Four Shadow, doing an acapella version of DMB‘s “Ants Marching”. Very fun.

On 19 June 2003 (07:57 PM),
Eryk said:

You were a teenager JD? Get out. =]

On 19 June 2003 (08:10 PM),
dowingba said:

I’d like to know more about this half-shaven head phenomenon.

On 28 October 2003 (01:34 PM),
Silver said:

oh man do i love Morrissey, The Smiths, and The Cure… its crazy how i like the same music as some of my teachers (who were teenagers in the 80s) … i relate to the lyrics so much, and its crazy to know that morrissey old enough to be my father… haha. But its cool that their music is alive and well in todays teens

On 04 November 2003 (01:28 PM),
Chris said:

In the 80’s I preferred alternative rock because it was obviously more sincere than the manufactured pop listened to by my high school peers. I also loved the angst, the unexpected lyrics, the minor chords, and the unusual instrumental sounds (achieved electronically) and irregular rythmns with which these bands experimented. My ultimate favorites were the Smiths, New Order, Depeche Mode and the Cure. I also loved a number of songs by Erasure, the Psychedelic Furs, U2, INXS and, of course, REM. I’m almost embarressed to admit this, but I still listen almost exclusively to New Order and the Smiths when I’m in my car without the kids. My husband hates the alternative music I loved. (He’s a tad homophobic I’m afraid.) However, we both agree on Sting, Sarah McLaughlin, and Enya. This music takes me back to times when I felt I was on the cusp of greatness, when I thought I had so much potential. Perhaps I still listen to it because I cling to the idea that someday I’ll continue where I left off and finally acheive my dreams. I’d bet that many people stubbornly cling to the music they loved in their teens and early 20’s for similar reasons.

On 17 March 2004 (11:31 AM),
Ben said:

I noticed that you like Dave Matthews acapella. You should check out mine.

On 17 March 2004 (11:31 AM),
Ben said:

I noticed that you like Dave Matthews acapella. You should check out mine.

The Big Tree

When I was a kid, I lived for the hot days of summer.

After school (we had year-round school back then), Jeff and I would hop on our bikes and ride over to the housing development to play with the Lams, the Zimmers, the Piersons, and the other kids on the street.

We’d meet on our bikes, all of us oblivious to the sun. With our shirts off we’d race from the Barnhardts’ to the Big Tree. We’d play in the fields: dirt-clod wars that only ended when someone was hurt such that we had to seek medical attention from an adult (and, inevitably, endure the adult’s reprimands). Sometimes when Shawn Carlson was allowed to play, his father would let us go see the wrecking yard. We’d tell horrible stories about the neighbors. Somtimes we’d even talk about girls.

Once or twice each summer we’d venture all the way down to Gribble Creek where we’d look for bugs (plenty) and fish (none) or play with twigs and branches. One time we found an old rowboat, and I nearly drowned while trying to climb inside.

Other times we’d traipse back to Grandpa’s woods to play hide and seek, or to climb the trees, or to build forts, or to look at the pond. The Lams’ woods, too, were fun to play in, if the undergrowth less dense, less exciting. Torey and Brent had a genuine tree fort ideal for dirt-clod wars or, when we were older and stupider, BB-gun wars.

We’d pick blackberries from the ever-present vines. We’d pop tar bubbles on the pavement. We’d hunt for pop cans on the side of the road, hoping to find enough to buy a drink of our own at Charlie’s Grocery. When we’d find pop bottles, though, we’d break them, hold them over our heads and shatter them on the asphalt.

We’d play wiffle ball on our front lawn, and soccer, and football, all of them in the heat of summer. On the hottest days, we’d play inside at someone’s house: games on the Atari or the Commodore 64. We’d watch Pink Floyd’s The Wall, and when we were older, we’d listen to Led Zepplin and ELO and Styx.

When we’d had our fill of games and fun, we’d gather beneath the Big Tree, an oak at the bend in the road midway between our trailerhouse and the housing development. Its branches were huge and gnarled, its root structure contorted to create enticing nooks and crannies. We’d climb the tree, and hide in the root system, but mostly we’d just recline against the trunk, soaking in the coolness of the shade after our day of adventure. Often we’d each have a bottle of pop.

One summer we discovered a paper sack at the base of the tree. We couldn’t believe what the sack contained: girlie magazines and lots of them! Playboy! Hustler! Others we’d never heard of! Manna from heaven — we were ten, twelve, eight, six. To us, this stuff was gold.

That summer, the Big Tree was the most popular destination in the neighborhood. Those magazines were sacred; none of us took them home. They were safe where they were, a communal treasure, to be treated with respect and awe. From these magazines, I learned a lot about anatomy, about sex, but it’d be years before I could apply the knowledge. (Surprisingly, the magazines were still there the following summer, albeit much worse for wear after a winter of rain and wind.)

This summer, though, I’ve been enjoying the heat for the first time in many years.


On 17 June 2003 (05:06 PM),
Nikchick said:

My husband also tells a fond story of playing in the wild, undeveloped area around his house with the neigbor boys, and of occasionally finding girlie magazines out near the industrial park.

After I found my divorced 20-something dad’s girlie magazines, he switched to reading those all-story magazines (Penthouse Stories?). Like he thought I couldn’t read or something.

On 02 January 2005 (04:02 PM),
Torey Lam said:

Wow J.D…what a memory. There was a lot that was so thick with blackberries that someone cut a tunnel system through it. It was a cool hang out in the summer.

Within a Budding Grove

Stéphane Heuet is adapting Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past (a.k.a. In Search of Lost Time) into a twelve-volume graphic novel. (A definition: graphic novel == comic book with pretensions of greatness.) He has completed three of the volumes, adapting the first two parts of the novel, Swann’s Way and Within a Budding Grove.

[page showing narrator's trouble sleeping]  &nbsp[page showing the famous madeleine]
Click a thumbnail to view a larger image

The early reviews for Heuet’s adaptation were poor. The consensus seemed to be that it was insanity to attempt such a feat: how could Proust possibly be conveyed in a comic book? And what of the art? How dare Heuet iconify Marcel and Swann and Françoise and Albertine; his art — so-called — is nothing more than pastiche of Hergé‘s Tintin. Tintin and Proust? Bah!

Regardless the opinion of the professional critics, Heuet’s aims are admirable. Moreover, he succeeds in distilling a certain essence from Proust’s prose. He does not capture everything, to be sure, nor would I expect that of him. Instead, he’s managed to effectively dramatize the central narrative while touching — but only touching — upon some of Proust’s philosophical digressions.

[page showing narrator at Balbec]  &nbsp[page showing faces at the window]
Click a thumbnail to view a larger image

I wish that more classic literature was given this sort of attention. Heuet’s project might be reminiscent of Classics Illustrated (which, no surprise, I enjoy), but it takes the formula to another level. Certainly other classics cry out for similar treatment.

I’ve been pleased with what little Proust I’ve managed to read so far (which comprises only the first hundred pages of Swann’s Way, the first of seven volumes in his mammoth novel). Yet nothing I’ve yet read matches the promise present in the final part of Heuet’s adaptation of Within a Budding Grove.

[page showing game of ferret with Albertine]  &nbsp[page showing outcome of flirtations]
Click a thumbnail to view a larger image

It is here that the narrator becomes obsessed with, and pursues the attentions of, a little band of girls, most particularly the glowing Albertine, she of the “brilliant, laughing eyes and plump, matt cheeks”.

Heuet does a marvelous job at conveying the adolescent games that the narrator plays with these girls (and they with him), at drawing the growing affection between Marcel and Albertine, affection which alternates with (seemingly) arbitrary dismissal. How true their actions feel, so much like a similar boyhood romance of my own, one which also failed to reach fruition due to inopportune resistance on the part of both myself and the object of my affection, many times, over the course of many years. (One should not read this bit of nostalgia as regret, however; it is simply nostalgia.)

And surely the original Proust is even better, yes? I am eager to discover.

Here is the relevant portion of the text: Seascape, with frieze of girls, though the odds that anyone will follow this link, and read from the text, are slim indeed. Perhaps a quote is in order (emphasis is mine):

No doubt, all their faces had assumed quite new meanings for me since the manner in which they were to be read had been to some extent indicated to me by their talk, talk to which I could ascribe a value all the greater in that, by questioning them, I could prompt it whenever I chose, could vary it like an experimenter who seeks by corroborative proofs to establish the truth of his theory. And it is, after all, as good a way as any of solving the problem of existence to approach near enough to the things that have appeared to us from a distance to be beautiful and mysterious, to be able to satisfy ourselves that they have neither mystery nor beauty. It is one of the systems of hygiene among which we are at liberty to choose our own, a system which is perhaps not to be recommended too strongly, but it gives us a certain tranquility with which to spend what remains of life, and also — since it enables us to regret nothing, by assuring us that we have attained to the best, and that the best was nothing out of the common — with which to resign ourselves to death.

I had now substituted, in the brains of these girls, for their supposed contempt for chastity, their memories of daily ‘incidents,’ honest principles, liable, it might be, to relaxation, but principles which had hitherto kept unscathed the children who had acquired them in their own respectable homes. And yet, when one has been mistaken from the start, even in trifling details, when an error of assumption or recollection makes one seek for the author of a malicious slander, or for the place where one has lost something, in the wrong direction, it frequently happens that one discovers one’s error only to substitute for it not the truth but a fresh error. I drew, so far as their manner of life and the proper way to behave with them went, all the possible conclusions from the word ‘Innocence’ which I had read, in talking familiarly with them, upon their faces. But perhaps I had been reading carelessly, with the inaccuracy born of a too rapid deciphering, and it was no more written there than was the name of Jules Ferry on the program of the performance at which I had heard Berma for the first time, an omission which had not prevented me from maintaining to M. de Norpois that Jules Ferry, beyond any possibility of doubt, was a person who wrote curtain-raisers.

No matter which it might be of my friends of the little band, was not inevitably the face that I had last seen the only face that I could recall, since, of our memories with respect to a person, the mind eliminates everything that does not agree with our immediate purpose of our daily relations (especially if those relations are quickened with an element of love which, ever unsatisfied, lives always in the moment that is about to come)? That purpose allows the chain of spent days to slip away, holding on only to the very end of it, often of a quite different metal from the links that have vanished in the night, and in the journey which we make through life, counts as real only in the place in which we at any given moment are. But all those earliest impressions, already so remote, could not find, against the blunting process that assailed them day after day, any remedy in my memory; during the long hours which I spent in talking, eating, playing with these girls, I did not remember even that they were the same ruthless, sensual virgins whom I had seen, as in a fresco, file past between me and the sea.

If I dote on Proust, it’s only because he has, in the small portion I’ve read of him and about him, impressed with me with his artistry, his sensitivity, his perception. I feel — and this itself is a Proustian observation — that he is able to articulate certain feelings, certain emotions, in language that I could never hope to achieve.

Proust is not for everyone. His writing, though elegant, is dense, and requires patience to parse. Yet for those willing to persevere, the rewards are great.

Regarding my road to recovery:

At present these are the doctor’s orders: no driving, weight-bearing activities (such as walking) only with the brace locked at full extension, brace unlocked to allow flexion when seated, and physical therapy three times a week.

How am I coping with these requirements?

I’m driving, but only about town. I’m performing weight-bearing activities with the brace open to ninety degrees (though I’m quite careful), and will occasionally walk short distances on the knee without a brace. I’m going to physical therapy three times a week (and performing the assigned exercises three times per day).

I feel great. (Mostly.)

The physical therapists seem to think I’m making good progress, too. They said they don’t generally see ACL patients until the fifth or sixth week after the surgery, and that I’m actually ahead of most recoveries (I’ve been worried that I’m behind.) They warned me again that I’m at high risk of reinjury because the quick healing makes me prone to overconfidence. They’re right.

Best of all, tonight will be my last session in the continuous passive motion machine (a.k.a. The Rack). It gets taken away tomorrow.

I worked a full day yesterday, and will work close to a full day today. I have a tendency to bump into things, or to twist my leg/brace a bit, which caused a bit of trouble, but the experience is mostly a positive one. I’m less content today than yesterday; my knee is sore, and I have the chills.


On 10 June 2003 (02:42 PM),
tammy said:

And what makes you so sure that no one will follow the link. I follow almost everyone of your links if they have to do with a book. now if it has something to do with music or computer programs I don’t. But this link Iwould have definitly clicked on.

On 10 June 2003 (03:01 PM),
Dana said:


Exhibit A
these are the doctor’s orders: no driving, weight-bearing activities (such as walking) only with the brace locked at full extension, brace unlocked to allow flexion when seated, and physical therapy three times a week.

Exhibit B
The physical therapists… warned me again that I’m at high risk of reinjury because the quick healing makes me prone to overconfidence. They’re right.

Exhibit C
I’m driving…
I’m performing weight-bearing activities with the brace open to ninety degrees…
[I] will… walk short distances on the knee without a brace.
I’m going to physical therapy three times a week

Exhibit D
I’m less content today than yesterday; my knee is sore

So, you’re following one of your doctors four orders and your knee is sore. Just how dumb are you intent on being? :/

Remember the root canal. This is far more serious.

On 10 June 2003 (03:04 PM),
dowingba said:

Bah, I say live now, you can always afford a wheelchair later on (I’m being sarcastic, of course).

On 10 June 2003 (03:25 PM),
Joelah said:

I think Heuet’s graphic novel is a noble failure. The question of whether a visual medium can equal or better print in depicting mental states is certainly a live one, but Proust is, at times, so deeply abstract that he makes the limitations of the comic form pretty glaring. E.g. the panel wherein the narrator is sampling the tea and madeleine. Somehow the big ‘ole question mark hovering next to his somewhat quizzical face doesn’t make me want to return my library copies.

Physical Therapy

I had my first physical therapy session today.

The physical therapist is located in downtown Canby, about half a mile from our house. As a treat to myself, I walked to the appointment (cane in hand, of course). Kris was afraid I was going to do this — she knows me well.

It’s a gorgeous day, and the sun was shining, but not yet too hot.

As I started my walk, I passed an older gentleman, also with a cane, out for a stroll. We paused briefly to chat — how often do two men with canes pass each other on the street? — and he asked about my surgery. He wished me luck, and we hobbled our separate ways.

From down the street I could hear the strains of Mexican music, oom-pahing from somebody’s home. A high school boy walked past, skateboard in hand, looking over his shoulder toward the school. Presumably he was ditching class, probably ditching a final.

I came upon the source of the loud Mexican music: a house under construction, all the workers Hispanic. (Remind me to post the track list for my Mexican mix sometime. Mexican music has a bad rep, but some of it is quite good.) On the next corner I came upon Skateboard Boy again, his arms draped around his girlfriend, his skateboard still in his hand. Apparently they had other plans than to take their final exams.

I hobbled down Third street, looking at the lawns and gardens, sweating in the sun.

I passed the gas station, revelled in the smell of cyclobutanes and stale nicotine. (All strong odors smell fantastic after having lived in a confined space for two weeks.)

At Highway 99E I faced a bit of a challenge. The highway was wide, and my pace quite slow. Could I make it across the highway within the time span of the signal? Yes, barely.

I said hello to the mailwoman. I stopped at the frame shop to look at the art in the window. The donut shop was tempting, and reminded me how hungry I was, but my wallet was empty, and Kris had my debit card. Passing the bicycle shop, I felt a pang of jealousy for those able to ride a bike on such a beautiful day.

In all, it took me 32 minutes to make a walk that I could normally make in less than ten. And my knee was sore, too.

My physical therapist, Tyler, measured my current recovery. My unassisted leg extension is -2 degrees, which he says is very good. My unassisted flexion, though, is only 50 degrees, which is below average. I’m having difficulty flexing my quad, especially the interior muscle on the group. He stressed that I need to work on developing strength in this muscle in order to accelerate the recovery process.

Tyler walked me through several exercises intended to begin building strength in the leg. We did leg lifts during which I rested on my back, leg lifts in which I rested on my left side, and leg lifts in which I rested on my right side. We flexed my knee. We did quad contractions, which he wants me to do several hundred times per day. (Basically, I imagine that I need to do one every time that it occurs to me that I ought to do one. Like now.) We did a funny little exercise in which I simply moved my knee cap with my hand.

Tyler stressed that cases like mine are the most dangerous, most at risk for reinjury. I have no pain in the knee presently, and might be inclined to take unnecessary risks, to do more than the knee can handle. For example: I might try to walk half a mile to a physical therapy appointment.

Tyler made me call a friend for a ride home.

I’m glad I walked that distance, though. It made a world of difference to my mental well-being.

Now it’s time for me to enter the CPM machine for six hours. Ugh.


On 05 June 2003 (10:49 AM),
Dana said:

I’ll only say this once.

Listen to your doctors. Remember your root canal?

On 05 June 2003 (12:00 PM),
Joelah said:

Yeah! Remember your… Hmm. Okay, Dana, what happened with the root canal

On 05 June 2003 (12:10 PM),
Dana said:

Well, he had this persistant pain in his tooth, but after a day or so it would go away. Since it always goes away, it can’t possibly be serious. He’d just take some asprin or whatever and be fine!

This went on for, oh, a year? Finally, it got bad enough that he went to the dentist, who said he needed a root canal.

So he had a root canal. And they told him to set up an appointment to get it capped like in a week or so. But you know what? The pain was gone! And the tooth seemed fine! And besides, that sort of thing is expensive, and seems unnecessary, since everything feels fine now!

So, a couple more years pass, and he’s eating something with peanuts in it, and SNAP the tooth disintegrates.

Moral of the story: follow doctors orders! Meh!

On 05 June 2003 (03:01 PM),
dowingba said:

I have a permenant limp in my left leg because of not following doctor’s orders for a knee problem I had. Actually, perhaps I could have mentioned this earlier, it was pretty much the same problem you had before your surgery.

Nintety-Five Degrees

We were sprawled on the back lawn, in the shade of the neighbor’s towering pine tree, the only tree they’d left standing after they moved in. Their yard had been filled with five or six other pine trees, but for one reason or other, they’d all been felled. For a time we feared the neighbors would take down our pine tree, as well.

(I say our pine tree simply because the tree stands just feet from the fence, and it casts its shade completely in our yard, cooling it on summer afternoons. We know the tree belongs to Valbino and Maria, but the only use they derive from the tree is as an end to their clothesline; there are many other things that could serve this purpose.)

Ultimately our pine stayed. I’ve been curious why its life was spared. I suspect it may be because Valbino recognizes the pleasure we derive from the tree, but I’ve never brought myself to ask him. My Spanish is rudimentary (donde esta el bano), and coarse (pendejo, cabron). Valbino’s English suffers from similar limitations. When we collaborated to repair the back fence, the result was a meandering mess.

As I say, we were sprawled on the back lawn, in the shade of the neighbor’s towering pine tree. The thermometer on the shed read ninety-five degrees, and I had no reason to doubt its accuracy. Fortunately, the shade was much cooler.

Kris sat with the cats, scritching Toto’s ears, watching Simon loll in the grass.

I lay on my back, leg braces off — hallelujah! — performing my physical therapy exercises: leg lifts from the left side, leg lifts from the right side, leg lifts from my back.

Between sets of exercises, I spread my arms and let myself sink into my surroundings. I felt the grass on my arms and legs, an ant crawling across my foot, felt the warm sun where it peeked through the screen of the pine. I smelled the freshly mowed lawn (thanks, Mac!), listened to the birds, the sirens, the passing cars.

I soaked it all up. After two weeks spent inside the house, it was something of a sensory overload. I loved it.

This was a moment to relish.

Toto stretched and yawned and squeaked a little meow. Simon pounced on a moth and devoured it.

“This is a pretty meaningless existence,” I said to Kris, meaning life as an invalid, recovering from knee surgery. “I cannot imagine living like this for an extended period of time.”

Kris smiled, touched my hand.

I continued. “There’s nothing in the life I’m currently living to give it any meaning. There’s only the bed and the television and the computer. I may have derived my meaning from these things once, but now I obtain meaning from photography class, from soccer practice (“Not anymore,” Kris said), from, believe it or not, work, from spending time with friends, from going out with you.”

We sat in the shade a while longer.

“Come with me,” Kris said, and she gave me a garden tour, showed me the green strawberries, the vaulting foxglove. She showed me her first cucumber and our bumper crop of peas. She pointed out her new clematis vine.

Typically I’d wilt on a ninety-five degree day. Not today. Today ninety-five degrees was perfect.


On 06 June 2003 (11:26 AM),
Tammy said:

JD this may sound like a wierd comment but I love how you wrote this up. It reads like a novel. What fun! And the funny thing is that I just finished posting in a similar style on the Roth Site. Do you think we could be related?

On 06 June 2003 (12:06 PM),
Drew said:

is the garden a metaphor for sex?

On 06 June 2003 (12:50 PM),
J.D. Roth said:

No, no, meatball — guess again. The garden is a metaphor for the garden. I only wish it were a metaphor for sex.

On 06 June 2003 (12:59 PM),
mac said:

sex would probably hurt right now j.d. I would advise against it 🙂

On 06 June 2003 (01:36 PM),
tammy said:

I had wondered too if there was any thing more happening then what you wrote. You said, ‘Kris reached out and touched your hand.’ The thought crossed my mind that a little more might have happened there!

On 06 June 2003 (01:57 PM),
Rich said:

The question, Mac, is who would be hurt more – J.D., or the cucumber? I’d advise against it, J.D., as you may develop clematis. (I crack myself up).

Just checking in with you, J.D. Hope all is going well with your recovery. Will you be at the next game on Monday? My 18 month old daughter may get to stay up late (read: after 7 p.m.) and come to watch our buffoonery. If she can make it, so can you. I’ll buy you a beer after the game if you show.

On 06 June 2003 (02:06 PM),
Tiffany said:

I have a question for all you cat people out there: I have two cats that get along wonderfully, but I am tempted to get a third cat. Should I take the risk of screwing up the balance I have with my two cats?

On 06 June 2003 (02:17 PM),
Warren said:

Suggestion: Plant a couple of native pine trees on your side of the fence. ‘Lone Pine’ may be encouraged to live a little longer, besides cucumber, strawberry and foxglove you will share space with new residences through out the year.

On 06 June 2003 (03:44 PM),
dowingba said:

Plant some tree with huge roots right beside your neighbours’ house. The trees deserve revenge.

On 08 June 2003 (08:30 AM),
Kris said:

Jd’s version slightly makes it sound as though we are mad at our back neighbors for cutting down their trees. Au contraire! Before they bought the house, the yard was packed with untended trees, overgrown grass and weeds, weeds, weeds. Some of the trees had dead limbs or were dead entirely. The new neighbors, Maria and Valbino, have converted the area to a nice backyard, albeit almost treeless. They pulled out the stumps, redid the grass and at times have chickens running about.

Now, if only our SIDE neighbors would chop down their #*@$^! cherry tree! This monster is so tall that the birds get all the cherries, it shades the area in which I would love to grow more vegetables and sends cherry-root runners everywhere into out yard, giving us an invading army of cherry saplings every spring. Jd is convinced these neighbors are in the CIA, however, leaving them little time for yardwork.

Sexy Songs

One thing that helped pull me out of my recent funk is Kylie Minogue’s Can’t Get You Out of My Head. I hadn’t even heard this song until Monday night, but now I can’t get enough of it. It’s an example of perfectly-crafted pop music (see also: George Michael’s “Faith”).

And it’s sexy to boot.

Via, I was able to watch a video of the song, albeit in crummy Realvideo format. While I watched, I began to wonder: how many other sexy songs can I name?

My favorite sexy song is Cyndi Lauper’s version of I Drove All Night (also great, but less sexy, when performed by Roy Orbison, Celine Dion, or Pinmonkey).

Other sexy songs I like include: “I Feel Love” by Donna Summer, “Sex” by Berlin, “Welcome to the Pleasure Dome” and “The Ballad of 69” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, “Feeling Love” by Paula Cole, “Haunted (When the Minutes Drag)” by Love and Rockets, “Right Hand Man” by Joan Osborne, “Every Breath You Take” by The Police, “Haunt Me” by Sade, “Turn Me On” by Norah Jones, and “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaak. (And, Kris notes: “I Need a Man” by Eurythmics.)

Most of these are not songs about love, but songs about passion. Most have slow tempos, and the artists sing with conviction. That’s a pretty short list of sexy songs, though; there must be many others.

What are your favorite sexy songs?

Pre-Crash Comments

On 04 June 2003 (07:12 AM),
dowingba said:

This may not count, but I’ve always thought Beethoven’s Tempest Sonata (3rd movement) is downright the sexiest song ever made. Just the third movement, remember. I swear to God it’s an orgasm.

On 04 June 2003 (11:43 AM),
Craig said:

Many early Prince songs come to mind, but “Little Red Corvette” is especially sexy. Also, “Work It” by Missy Elliot. Oooh, baby.

On 04 June 2003 (11:51 AM),
J.D. said:

Good one.

“Little Red Corvette” is awesome, and I’d forgotten it. I’ll have to download the Missy Elliot song (andt he Beethoven sonata) and give it a listen.

Also, I just remembered that Jimmy Sommerville has some sexy stuff, especially with the Communards.

On 04 June 2003 (01:32 PM),
Paul said:

My dear sweet wife hears Dave Matthews voice sing ANYTHING and she thinks it’s sexy. I don’t get it.

On 04 June 2003 (01:57 PM),
Dana said:

I’m with Paul’s wife. Yum! Ditto for Peter Gabriel… 🙂

On 04 June 2003 (02:03 PM),
Tiffany said:

Just about anything by Nina Simone, and the slower songs by Dave Matthews Band.

On 04 June 2003 (07:03 PM),
kaibutsu said:

Check out “Rippin’ Kittin,” by Miss Kittin and Golden Boy. It’s like Kylie, but darker and better, IMHO.

Also about half of the Depeche Mode catalogue is unstoppably sexy… ‘Enjoy the Silence,’ ‘Black Celebration,’ ‘Taking a Ride With My Best Friend,’ ‘Lie to Me,’ the list goes on and on.

On 04 June 2003 (07:15 PM),
kaibutsu said:

Also check out “Low Down Man,’ by the Squirell Nut Zippers, ‘The Great Escape,’ by Moby, ‘Because the Night,’ by Patti Smith, ‘Glory Box,’ by Portishead, pretty much anything off of Massive Attack’s Mezzanine album, and any of a number of Ella and Louis duets.

My nomination for best anti-sexy song is Type O Negative’s ‘Unsucessfully Coping With the Natural Beauty of Infidelity:’
‘I know you’re fuckin’ someone else!
[band yells:] He knows you’re fuckin’ someone else!’

On 12 June 2003 (07:48 PM),
Littlelawbear said:

My hands-down favourite sexy songs:

“What Would Happen” by Meredith Brooks
“The Beautiful Ones” by Mariah Carey & Dru Hill (it’s a remake of the original Prince song)

Trust me, just loop these two and you’re set.

Happy “listening”!

On 11 July 2003 (09:06 PM),
MC said:

I’ve got a few…
Posession by Sarah McLachlin
Stupid Girl by Garbage
Move by Dujeous
Criminal by Fiona Apple
Wicked Game by Chris Isaak
Father Figure by George Michael
Kiss and Tell by Bryan Ferry
Boyz by Britney Spears

These are not necessarily “love songs” but I think they are very sexy!!

On 11 July 2003 (09:08 PM),
MC said:

I forgot 2 of my favorites…

Sweet Jane by Cowboy Junkies
Fade into You by Mazzy Star

On 20 July 2003 (12:43 PM),
Didi said:

My favorites sexy songs are:
-Break me shake me and Truly madly deeply by Savage Garden
-I get lonely and When we oooo by Janet Jackson
-Insatiable by Darren Hayes
-Let’s make a night to remember by Bryan Adams

Bye 😉

On 22 July 2003 (02:57 PM),
SingedEffigy said:

I know not many people share my taste in music, but I must say that:

Deftones – Change
Jay Gordon – Slept So Long
Static-X – Cold
VAST – Pretty When You Cry
Lamb – Lusty
Hooverphonic – Inhaler
Delerium – Underwater
London After Midnight – Spider and the Fly

are among the sexiest songs ever….

On 23 July 2003 (05:04 PM),
Krista said:

Drive by Melissa Ferrick is pretty hot
and pretty much almost anything by Macy Gray especially Sexomatic Venus Freak

On 23 July 2003 (05:32 PM),
Suzy said:

How about “I Belong To You” by Brian McKnight?

On 24 July 2003 (11:19 AM),
Nicole said:

How could you forget Marvin Gaye like “Let’s Get it On” and my absolute favorite “Sexual Healing” and not to mention “Cry to Me” by Solomon Burke and “Hungry Eyes” both from the movie Dirty Dancing. Also many Janet Jackson songs too like “Anytime, Any place” and don’t forget a new one, “Your Body is a Wonderland” by John Mayer. Good luck… I love sexy songs

On 26 July 2003 (11:09 PM),
Ryan said:

Anyone heard the song “The Distance” by Cake? That sure as hell isn’t about a race.*wink* That one is just subliminally sexy. Crash by Dave Matthews Band is incredible. It would be kinda nice to know what exact genre you’re looking for. Because I mean, you want bass and smooth type sexy just pick up a pop/r&b cd (for example 112). But I find Carlos Santana’s guitar styling to just be so hot. Also, I don’t think any girl can resist “Everlong” by Foo Fighters. Also, you tryin’ to make a “get some action” mix, or “romantic” mix. If it’s more romantic stuff you’re looking for then go for some Lifehouse; like Everything, and Breathing. Oh, plus, how old are you? Some may not appreciate “Closer” by NIN, but the younger kids (I’m 16)like it, at least my girlfriend does. Try “The Hollow” by A Perfect Circle. That’s it, see ya.

On 27 July 2003 (03:05 PM),
Nicole said:

My favorite sexy songs are Moments in Love, by Art of Noise, and Sleepwalker, by Santo and Johnny.

On 27 July 2003 (10:47 PM),
erin said:

work me slowly by xscape
your my little secret-xscape
underneath your clothes -shakira
i melt-rascal flats
reallive woman-trisha yearwood

On 28 July 2003 (02:41 PM),
katie said:

these are two total opposites…but very hot! – wild horses by the sundays, and fuck you like an animal, nine inch nails.

On 31 July 2003 (04:43 PM),
Reuben said:

Monique and I just can’t go past “Touch It” by Monifan. The rhythm just gets you moving. Everything about this song is so slow and deliberate . It just screams sex. We DJ at weddings and parties and often we play this song just to watch the crowd’s response. As soon as we play it you start seeing single people looking around for partners to dance with. What a great song!

On 03 August 2003 (10:24 AM),
Holli said:

Sexuality by k.d. lang and The Way You Make Me Feel by Michael Jackson are good ones too.

On 03 August 2003 (10:26 AM),
Holli said:

Oh yeah…I forgot Red Light Special by TLC

On 03 August 2003 (07:18 PM),
okcomputergirl said:

Some of my favorites-
“What Do I have to Do” by Stabbing Westward
“I Want You” and “1,000 Julys” by Third Eye Blind
“Alien” and “Glycerine” by Bush
“February Stars” by the Foo Fighters
“Echo” by Incubus
“Under You” by Better than Ezra
“Six Underground” by the Sneaker Pimps

On 06 August 2003 (08:23 PM),
Ian said:

Here are some of my favorites that have steamed things up…
“Ropeburn” -Janet Jackson
“Fever” – Madonna or K.D. Lang
“anytime, anyplace” -Janet Jackson
“moments in love” -Art of Noise
“feeling love’ Paula Cole
“I can’t stand the rain” – Tina Turner
“Breakdown” – Mariah Carey
“Secretly” -Jennifer Lopez
“Sadness (1)” -Enigma
“Closer” Nine Inch Nails
“Spin, Spin Sugar” Sneaker Pimps
Really anything by Sade, Sarah McLaughlin, Janet, Al Green, Marvin gaye, George Michael, etc..
have fun 🙂

On 09 August 2003 (05:52 PM),
tiffany said:

playground love, by air…

On 10 August 2003 (08:54 AM),
fiona said:

anything by cherry bikini

for reference:

On 11 August 2003 (12:11 AM),
Jo said:

My friend and I have been trying to think of all the best “in the mood songs” and here are some that we have found to be good.

Witness- Sarah McLachlin
Life in Mono- Mono…I love this one!!!!
BIZZY BONE- Riding on the Highway (good r&b)

* let me know what you think of these!

On 24 August 2003 (01:58 PM),
citizeninsane said:

Songs to bumb ‘n grind to:
R. Kelly – Bumb ‘n Grind
Chris DeBurgh – Lady in Red
Deftones – No ordinary love (Sade cover original good too)
Otis Redding – Sitting on the dock of the bay
Radiohead – True love waits and Nude (aka Big Ideas)
Journey almost any song works…

On 28 August 2003 (03:37 PM),
J.D. said:

You know, at some point I’m going to actually download — er, purchase — all of these songs. I’ll listen to them all and then select the best for a truly sexy mix. I can’t believe how many suggestions there are here!

I can’t believe I forgot two songs by Berlin: “You Take My Breath Away” (which is mainly sexy because of its placement in Top Gun) and “Sex (I’m a Girl…)”.

On 06 September 2003 (08:32 AM),
Kelly said:

“Show Me Heaven” by Jessica Andrews…. hmmmm.

On 17 September 2003 (01:06 PM),
kellyterry22 said:

….not my usual genre, but “Pony” by Ginuwine

On 24 September 2003 (09:44 PM),
timi said:

Feelin’ Love – Paula Cole
Definitely Sensual!

On 26 September 2003 (10:02 PM),
leanne said:

TLC, red light special, is the ultimate sexy song

On 27 September 2003 (10:32 AM),
donaa said:

you can leave your hat on – joe cocker
because the night – 10 000 maniacs
after tonight – mariah carey
sexy thing – marvin gaye

On 28 September 2003 (09:52 PM),
Shapeal said:

Doing Well by LL CooL J
I Can Tell by 504 Boyz
B R Right by Trina
Def some fun

On 29 September 2003 (02:01 PM),
J.D. said:

Fiona Apple’s “The First Taste”:

“Give me the first taste. Let it begin, heaven can not wait forever. Darling, just start the chase. I’ll let you win, but you must make the endeavor.”

On 30 September 2003 (09:52 AM),
Mig said:

I dont know if you know this one but “Concierto de Aranjuez” is F*kin hot!! Spanish guitar!! hmm…
“jammin” by Bob Marley, “flaca” by Jarabe de Palo is sexy too (tho in spanish) hmm…”girl from Ipanema”, “caminito” which is a tango…!
I cant think of any other one. Perhaps “Vivir sin aire” by Man�.
You should try it out 🙂 thanks

On 30 September 2003 (01:34 PM),
Miami said:

I have made many a sexy songs mix here are a few that i have collected.

Red Light Special- TLC
Call Me- Tweet
If- Janet Jackson
Let’s Ride- Montell Jordan
Get Mine, Get Yours- Christina Aguilera
This Is How It Works- TLC
Would You Mind?- Janet Jackson (FREAK NASTY)
You’re Making Me High- Toni Braxton
Best of Me- Mya
Rock The Boat- Aaliyah
How Do You Want It?- Tupac

On 05 October 2003 (01:18 PM),
blackdove said:

– barry white: “i�m gonna love you just a little more baby”
– doors: “roadhouse blues” (not about sex, but VERY sexy rhythm and, of course, jim�s voice!)
– madonna: “justify my love”
– tori amos: “raspberry swirl” (DAMN HOT, really!)
– pj harvey: “this is love”

On 06 October 2003 (11:37 PM),
Kim said:

PoUr SoMe SuGaR oN mE by Def Leopard is hot and Twisted (sexual healing remix) by Keith Sweat is amazing 🙂

On 07 October 2003 (08:08 AM),
Drea said:

Hey guys!!
Definitely Richard Marx….”Right Here Waiting” and “Now and Forever”.
Also anything by Musiq Soulchild……..particularly “Love” and “Don’t Change”.

On 08 October 2003 (05:12 PM),
Stacy said:

Taste by Lorna Vallings, Behind Blue Eyes by Limp Bizkit (cover), 3 Libra’s by A Perfect Circle, Orestes by A Perfect Circle, Ready for Love by India Aire, Dirty Diana by Michael Jackson, Baby Boy by Beyonce and Sean Paul, Pain by JaRule (2Pac cover), maybe some Nirvana, anything by Cold which is a lot like A Perfect Circle, Aint No Sunshine by *I don’t remember, Can’t Let You Go by Fabolous, anything by Madonna (Spanish Eyes, Playground), Comin’ From Where I’m From by Anthony Hamilton, The Game Don’t Wait by Warren G and Nate Dogg, Guantanamera by *I can’t remember, Dig by Mudvayne and Not Falling by Mudvayne (these are kind of heavy metal songs with a killer beat), Androgny by Garbage.

That is all I can remember for now, sorry my list is so short, I’ll try to update it sometime else. The ones I added are really really good songs and I recommend them all! Try them out. Good luck and rock on!

On 09 October 2003 (01:55 PM),
Puck said:

Most sexy song ever:

Serge Gainsbourg – Je`taime moi non plus

On 11 October 2003 (01:54 PM),
Lao said:

MAnnnN How about The Cranberries – Pretty(WOWWW!!)

On 11 October 2003 (04:43 PM),
jayelyn said:

i can tell – 504 boys (that song is SO hot)
and lick – joi

On 12 October 2003 (07:02 PM),
musicbox said:

1. Portishead – Glory Box (5:05)
2. Prince – Cream (4:13)
3. Radiohead – Creep (3:54)
4. Thomas Crown Affair- Wasis Diop – Everything (Is Never Quite Enough) (4:32)
5. Turtles – You Showed Me (3:16)
6. Zombies – Time of the Season (3:33)
7. Air – Sexy Boy (4:58)
8. Britney Spears- 01 – I’m A Slave For You- (3:36)
9. Britney Spears – Boys (Co-Ed Remix ft. Pharrell (3:52)
10. Chris Issack–Wicked Game (2:52)
11. Christina Aguilera – Walk Away (5:47)
12. Dave Matthews Band – Seek Up (acoustic)(1) (7:42)
13. Delerium & Sarah McLachlan – Silence (6:33)
14. Donna Summer – Love To Love You Baby (3:24)
15. Donovan – Mellow Yellow (3:43)
16. Etta James – At Last (3:00)
17. George Michael – Freedom (6:31)
18. Madonna – Justify My Love (5:00)
19. Madonna & Massic Attack – I Want You (6:23)
20. Mazzy Star – Fade Into You (4:55)
21. NIN – Closer (6:12)
22. Paula Cole – Feelin’ Love (City of Angels Soundtrack) (5:36)

On 14 October 2003 (01:14 AM),
Jamie said:

Some of my favorite sexy songs…
usher: nice and slow
tyrese: sweet lady
d’angelo: lady
Boys II Men: the color of love
seal: kiss from a rose
Musiq Soulchild: Love

On 15 October 2003 (10:16 PM),
gabrielle said:

do not doubt me…seriously download “body parts” by Jump, Little Children. they are a great band known around north and south carolina and georgia. check them out…it is almost the sexiest song ever.

email me if you listen to this song. its worth it.

On 15 October 2003 (10:23 PM),
gabrielle said:

oh yeah…and jason mraz’s live version of “on love, in sadness” but make sure that it’s the acoustic version. definitely orgasmic.

On 22 October 2003 (03:46 PM),
aurora said:

Anything by Moby is absolutely amazing, also Sexy Boy by air, i know someone mentioned that already. The Air cd is Moon Safari…check it out. Oh and Californication by Red Hot chili peppers, such a good sex song.

On 23 October 2003 (06:23 PM),
Bond girl (I wish!) said:

I definetly will be putting here songs that have already been suggested, but anyway…

1. Etta James – At last
2. Elvis Presley – Heartbreak Hotel
3. Tracy Chapman – Gimme one reason
4. Portishead – Glorybox
5. Prince – Kiss
6. Sarah McLachlan and Delirium – Silence
7. Joe Cocker – You can leave your hat on
8. Peggy Lee (or Madonna) – Fever
9. Terence Trent D’arby – Sign your name
10. John Mayer – Your body is a wonderland
11. Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald – They can�t take that away from me
12. Marvin Gaye – Let’s get it on
13. Lou Reed – Take a walk on the wild side
14. Madonna – Justify my love
15. Paula Cole – Feelin’ love
16. Chicane – No ordinary morning

On 23 October 2003 (09:11 PM),
mart said:

ok. this thread is now the 3rd entry on google for “sexy songs”. dammit jd. yr a genius!

On 24 October 2003 (08:23 PM),
leelee said:

okay…for a sexual time I suggest, “underwear” by sugarcult…it’s super slow, with a jazz sound, and the lyrics kill! Just try and hold him back. Also, “sexual healing” by Ben Harper. Grr…good luck.

On 25 October 2003 (10:41 AM),
J.D. Roth said:

Kylie Minogue has got it going on! Her new song, “Slow”, is also crazycoolsexy. Not as good as “I Can’t Get You Out of My Head” maybe, but very very good.

With all of your suggestions, I’m almost ready to compile the definitive mix of Sex Songs.

On 25 October 2003 (12:09 PM),
illinichick said:

1. “magic” by ben folds
2. “tangerine” by led zeppelin
3. “crazy on you” by heart
4. how can you forget eric clapton’s “wonderful tonight”
5. “more than words” by extreme
6. “kiss the rain” by billy myers
7. “dangerously in love” by beyonce (i dont like pop music usually but this song is SOO sexy!!)

good luck!! 😉

On 25 October 2003 (12:09 PM),
illinichick said:

1. “magic” by ben folds
2. “tangerine” by led zeppelin
3. “crazy on you” by heart
4. how can you forget eric clapton’s “wonderful tonight”
5. “more than words” by extreme
6. “kiss the rain” by billy myers
7. “dangerously in love” by beyonce (i dont like pop music usually but this song is SOO sexy!!)

good luck!! 😉

On 26 October 2003 (04:39 PM),
lovelypanda said:

tlc “red light special”
112 “anywhere”
genuwine “pony” and “sex”
R. Kelly “Bump N Grind”
Madonna “justify my love”
Deftones or sades “no ordinary love”
chris isaac “wicked game”
En Vogue “givin him something he can feel”
LL Cool J “doing it well”

have fun!

On 26 October 2003 (04:40 PM),
lovely panda said:

tlc “red light special”
112 “anywhere”
genuwine “pony” and “sex”
R. Kelly “Bump N Grind”
Madonna “justify my love”
Deftones or sades “no ordinary love”
chris isaac “wicked game”
En Vogue “givin him something he can feel”
LL Cool J “doing it well”

have fun!

On 26 October 2003 (07:00 PM),
Nev said:

Prision Sex by Tool, Suck My Kiss by the Red Hot Chillie Peppers, Closer by NIN, Abused by J. Englishman and Weak and Powerless by A Perfect Circle are all very sexy songs (actually anything by A Perfect Circle is really sexy)!

On 01 November 2003 (03:35 AM),
badgirl said:

Of course there are Marvin Gaye, Barry White and Chris Isaak on here. BUT…Holy Hell. Trust me, trust me, trust me on this one:
The Cult – Painted On My Heart

On 01 November 2003 (07:12 AM),
ANGIE said:


On 01 November 2003 (11:56 AM),
charlierock said:

Having just stumbled into this:
1. Etta James-Let’s Burn Down the Cornfield
2. Nina Simone-I Want a Little Sugar In My Bowl
3. Grace Jones-Pull Up to the Bumper
4. Elvis-Fever (I don’t get it, but it’s made a coupla women I know wiggle)

On 01 November 2003 (06:41 PM),
Alex said:

Jeff Buckley – Everybody Here Wants You.. very sexy song, you have to get it. mmm

On 02 November 2003 (09:33 PM),
kat said:

Madonna- Like a Virgin
Divynals- I touch myself
The Cure – Just like Heaven & Love Song
Forgotten Rebels – Fuck Me Dead

On 02 November 2003 (09:33 PM),
kat said:

Madonna- Like a Virgin
Divinyls- I touch myself
The Cure – Just like Heaven & Love Song
Forgotten Rebels – Fuck Me Dead

On 03 November 2003 (05:31 PM),
danny said:

It�s in spanish, but i think it�s really hot!!!
sexy dance- paulina rubio
and this one is in english
principles of lust(everlasting lust)- enigma

really good!!!

On 04 November 2003 (03:07 AM),
lacey said:

here are a couple, i didnt see some of them on here but you guys got a lot.

Eminem – Superman
jay z – can i get a fuk you
beyonce – baby boy
baby bash – suga suga
504 boys – i can tell
busta rhymes – i know what you want
bone thugs and harmony – ecstacy
bone thugs and harmony – smokin buddah
trina – b r right
ludacris – whats your fantacy
lil kim – how many licks
busta rhymes – whats it gonna be
en vogue – whats it gonna be
silk e fyne – romeo and juliet
lil troy – shockala (wanna be a balla)
dru hill – how deep is your love
fiona apple – across the universe
audioslave – like a stone(sexy voice mmm)
shakira – whenever where ever(maybe)
incubus – drive
lil kim ft twista – thug love
twista – dreams

On 07 November 2003 (04:18 AM),
lacey said:

got some more, hope they helped out! also, most of these if any at all are NOT love songs..mostly just “in the mood to get some songs”

Jessica Simpson – sweetest sin
Britney Spears – let me be
Missy Elliott – one minute man
Fabolous – damn
Dr. Dre ft. Mimi – put it on me
Dr. Dre – Bang Bang
Dr. Dre – I just wanna fuk you
Easy E – I’d rather fuk you
Easy E – Gimme Dat Nut
Do or Die – Pimpology
Toya – I do
Willa Ford – I wanna be bad
Next – too close
JayZ ft Beyonce – ’03 bonnie and clyde
Missy Elliott – make it hot
Missy Elliott – I cant stand the rain
Biggy Smalls – hypnotize
Ja Rule ft Ashanti – mezmerise
Nelly – hot in herre
Nelly – pimp juice
Tupac ft Bone Thugs – Thug Love
Limp Bizkit – no sex
Justin Timberlake – cry me a river

thats about it, have fun 😉

On 08 November 2003 (12:07 AM),
Tina said:

These are the 5 BEST songs to have sex to:

1.) i can tell, 504 boys
2.) red light special, tlc
3.) nice and slow, Usher
4.) Anywhere,112
5.) sex and candy

or if you want romantic songs, UNCHAINED MELODY, take my breath away, or any love song by shania twain is perfect

On 08 November 2003 (01:11 PM),
Duckie said:

Um. Anything by the Donnas, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Eau d’Bedroom Dancing by Le Tigre, Find Myself by Rooney (I like it), Girl from Ipanema by Frank Sinatra, and I’ve Got You Under my Skin by Frank Sinatra.

On 08 November 2003 (02:13 PM),
KnightD12 said:

I`ve been reading the lists, found some great songs by the way. I even ran out and “bought” a few that were mentioned. Ahem 🙂
Anyway, here is a few that sets the stage for what comes later….

1. Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing
2. Enigma – Sadness
3. Al Green – Love and Happiness
4. Prince – Pussy Control
5. Monifah – Touch It (Dirty Mix)
6. Juvenile – Back That Ass Up
7. Rick James – Give It To Me Baby
8. Sisqo – Thong Song
9. Barry White – Don`t Play Games & Staying Power
10. Teddy Pendergrass – Turn Off The Lights

On 08 November 2003 (06:37 PM),
inlovewithewan said:

you mean nobody’s going to mention “sex me 1 & 2”

On 08 November 2003 (09:47 PM),
ami said:

Here’s some more songs that havn’t been listed yet.. Lenny Kravitz songs are good & an unusual one by Velvet Underground. Come to think of it, there’s too many to write about. Here’s a list

1. Damn I wish I was your Lover -Sophie B Hawkins
2. Listen -Sophie B Hawkins
3. I Belong to You -Lenny Kravitz
4. Thinking of You -Lenny Kravits
5. Take Time -Lenny Kavitz (wow)
6. Brass in Pocket -Pretenders
7. Your love has got a Handle on my Mind -Vanessa Paradis
8. Waiting -Madonna
9. Secret Garden -Madonna
10. 2 Wicky -Hoover (find it in Stealing Beauty soundtrack w/ previously listed Glory Box song-actually-the whole album is good)
11. Venus in Furs -Velvet Underground

Thanks for the great ideas so far!

On 09 November 2003 (09:40 PM),
Sarah said:

Paula Cole – Feelin Love
TuPac – How Do You Want It
Christina Aguleira – Dirrty
Fur Patrol – Precious
P!nk – You Make Me Sick
Troi Amos – She’s Your Cocaine, Iieee
Almost any songs by Garbage
Melissa Etheridge – They Don’t Know Me
Billie Myers – Tell Me

On 11 November 2003 (03:03 PM),
Me! said:

i don’t know if you like britney spears but her song “Breathe On Me” on her new album In The Zone Is definitely sexy. It’s a cross between “Skin” and “Erotica” (both by Madonna”. Give it a listen sometime.

On 12 November 2003 (02:45 PM),
Tammy said:

Good list…I don’t bevieve I saw the two following songs…which are scorching hot!!!

Ali Farka Toure with Ry Cooder- Ai Du

The Secret Garden by Barry White and various other artists


On 12 November 2003 (03:18 PM),
Tink said:

Maroon 5 has a song called SECRET that is silky and smooth..just right for feeling sexy.
And for the getting dirty gonna “do it” songs I
usually use:
After Dark by Tito & Tarantula
Drive by Mellisa Ferrick
Oil by Moby (lots of moaning going on)
My favorite..Feelin’ Love by Paula Cole

There is a song called Sensual Woman by The Herbaliser that sounds like it came straight out of a porn. LMFAO and if you like the techno try French Kiss by Lil’ Louis


On 13 November 2003 (10:27 PM),
SilentRealm said:

Lily Was Here by Candy Dulfer and David A Stewart

On 14 November 2003 (08:32 AM),
Dioji said:

A few that have probably been overlooked:

Nothing Compares 2 U – Sinead O’ Connor
Moonchild – King Crimson
It Ain’t Over ‘Till it’s Over – Lenny Kravitz
Summertime – Janis Joplin

All I can think of right now…

On 15 November 2003 (09:34 PM),
steve said:


On 15 November 2003 (09:34 PM),
steve said:


On 15 November 2003 (09:35 PM),
steve said:


On 25 November 2003 (01:03 AM),
trychoco said:

Bush- Mouth
Fiona Apple- Slow Like Honey
Sarah McLachlan- I Love You
Busta Rymes with Janet- What’s It Gonna Be
Nelly- Hot In Herre
Madonna- Don’t Tell Me

Just to add a few to the awesome list you have going. I was wondering if I could get some feedback on good songs to strip to- I’m doing a project of my own. Thanks!

On 26 November 2003 (08:24 PM),
ami said:

Hey I’ve got another one… “I feel you” by Depeche Mode

On 26 November 2003 (11:41 PM),
jenna said:

No sappy songs here. Just audio heat. Mmmm…

Painted On My Heart – The cult
#1 Crush – Garbage (How is that not on here?)
Wicked Game – Chris Isaak

On 27 November 2003 (06:35 PM),
kuhsatar said:

joi- lick…. just AWESOME
garbage- #1 crush (actually, the romeo and juliet soundtrack rules)
red hot chili peppers- dont forget me

On 30 November 2003 (12:29 AM),
Allison said:

“That’s the Way Love Goes” by Janet Jackson…and I know some people would disagree, but if you listen to the beat and the WORDS, it’s really a VERY sexy song: “Invisible” by Clay Aiken.

On 01 December 2003 (08:30 PM),
Sarah said:

Some of my all time favorite “sexy” songs include …

You Look So Fine – Garbage
Santa Maria (Del Buen Ayre)- Gotan Project (it’s Latin, very HOT!)
Glory Box – Portishead
Gravity of Love – Enigma
Lover’s Spit – Broken Social Scene
Human Behavior – Bjork
I Ain’t Missing You – Tina Turner
Rendezvous – Basement Jaxx
Follow Me – Pnau
From Rusholme With Love – Mint Royale
Mea Culpa – Enigma
The Promise – Tracy Chapman
At Last – Etta James
I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) – The Proclaimers
(for the holidays)– Santa Baby
Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend – Marilyn Monroe

On 04 December 2003 (07:46 PM),
jenn said:

These have already been said,but seriously cannot get enough of Crash or Say Goodbye by the Dave Matthews Band.

On 06 December 2003 (10:19 AM),
musicbox said:

Cibo Matto – Sugar Water

On 09 December 2003 (10:47 AM),
toono said:

Funny what discussions you can come across when looking for something completely different.. This all depends on how you define sexy songs i guess. Chillout stuff (cafe del mar, afterlife etc) are always good, also a selection of these tend to do it for me and the missus…

Ash – I’m Gonna Fall
Counting Crows – Colorblind
Dave Matthews – Crash Into Me
Donell Jones – U Know What’s Up
Drill – What You Are
Evanescence – My Immortal
Eve 6 – Here’s To The Night
Everything But The Girl – Driving (Underdog Remix)
Foo Fighters – Walking After You
Fun Lovin’ Criminals – All My Time Is Gone
Garbage – You Look So Fine
George Michael – Fast Love
Gomez – We Haven’t Turned Around
Goo Goo Dolls – Black Balloon
Heather Nova – Maybe An Angel
Incubus – Are You In?
Ja Rule feat Ashanti – Always On Time
John Mayer – Your Body Is A Wonderland
Jamiroquai – Space Cowboy
Lenny Kravitz – I Belong To You
Lifehouse – Everything
Mariah Carey – Sweetheart
Massive Attack – Protection
Nine Days – Wanna Be
The Police – Every Breath You Take
Robbie Robertson – Unbound
Smashing Pumpkins – Stand Inside Your Love
Sheryl Crow – I Shall Believe
The Calling – Could It Be Any Harder
U2 – With Or Without You

Or if in doubt… Barry White

On 09 December 2003 (09:36 PM),
iisan7 said:

AUTHOR: iisan7
EMAIL: [email protected]
DATE: 12/09/2003 09:36:12 PM

On 09 December 2003 (10:18 PM),
iisan7 said:

First comment didn’t appear?

My favorite for a frisky mood:
INOJ – Ring My Bell (from the Anita Ward original)

Duke Ellington, Passion Flower
Beatles, Something
Al Green – Let’s Stay Together
112, Peaches & Cream

On 12 December 2003 (06:42 PM),
0cEaNuS said:

A list in random order 🙂
1. David Usher – Black Black Heart [Yep it is sexy]
2. B2k feat P.Diddy – Bump bump bump [suggestive song]
3. Busta Rhymes feat Mariah Carey – I know what you want [The tune is s0 so sexy. And the voice..mmm]
4. Darren Hayes – Insatiable [this song is like WOAh..his voice is such a turn on..and it is about sex..]
5. Eminem – Superman [ have to listen to this song. Really. Really. a little crude though]
6. Diana Krall – The look of love [Jazzy and sexy. Yes. Perfect for evenings and nights]
7. Nelly – Hot in here [Hip hop! Very good for dance parties and flirtation! It’s gettin hot in take off all your clothes..]
8. Kylie Minogue – Please stay [Dancy tune. Quite sexy. Very nice tune too!]
9. Britney Spears – Boys [OooOh] especially the Co-ed remix with Pharrell.
10. 112 – Peaches and Cream [Another good song. To make love to. haha]

On 27 December 2003 (08:30 PM),
B said:

Erotica by madonna

On 28 December 2003 (03:14 PM),
Lilbear said:

I just discovered my hidden freaky side to the tune of these songs:

Gotta Get You Home (Blackstreet w/ Foxy Brown)
Too Lost In You (Sugababes – from Love Actually)
Butterflies – Drumline remix (Alicia Keys)

Check these ones out. The beats are steady (great for getting a good, um…rhythm going) and the vocals are incredible. Have fun!

On 28 December 2003 (03:18 PM),
Lilbear said:

Oh, sorry – one more. This one is incredible.

Breathe On Me (Britney Spears – from her new album)

I’m not a Britney fan myself, but this song lit me up. Honestly.

On 28 December 2003 (03:44 PM),
Amandie said:

I have to agree – “Take Time” by Lenny Kravitz is one of the sexiest songs I’ve ever heard. Whoever suggested that one is a genius!

On 03 January 2004 (04:27 PM),
Jason said:

Okay, I accidentally stumbled in here looking for ideas of my own, but here are a couple I would add:

Dusty Springfield – Son Of A Preacher Man (or the Look of Love or hell, just throw on the whole Dusty in Memphis album and take the phone of the hook)

* Gerry Rafferty – Right Down The Line
* Walter Egan – Magnet And Steel
* Neville Brothers – Healing Chant
* J.D. Souther – You’re Only Lonely
* Jennifer Chase – Les Femmes De La Lune (I think I found this on so good luck tracking it down but if you can, oh my god it’s like Enigma multiplied by ten…)
* Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin – Je t’Aime, Moi Non Plus
* No Doubt – Underneath it All
* Lots of P-Funk but especially Going All the Way Off
* Lots of Fleetwood Mac but from the Tusk album alone you have Brown Eyes, Honey Hi and Never Forget
* Billy Joel – Until the Night or This Night or An Innocent Man

Why did I think I needed to find more? Oh, and most of the list above is nice too, by the way.

On 06 January 2004 (09:03 AM),
Alana said:

I was so happy to find this list… I’m a stripper (exotic dancer) and I wanted to make to a cd for my dj to play of some really sexy songs… and I definatly found some.

Here’s a list of a bunch of songs that are played at the club that I think are the best for me to move to (I know some are already listed):

Anything on the G String riddim (Bounty Killer – Fitness, Wayne Wonder – Kick It With You)
Madd Anju – Want You Now (Martial Arts riddim)
Cecile – Murda Tonight
Lady Saw – No Long Talking
Baby Cham – Man A Man
Damn… just about any reggae song would do for me… it’s all in the hips 😉

D’Angelo – Lady (Real Version or Remix)
– Cruisin
– Higher
– and anything else by him
Davina – So Good
Eve – No No No
Kelly Rowland – Make You Wanna Stay
Ray J feat Lil Kim – Wait A Minute
Aaliyah – Hot Like Fire
Method Man – Sweet Love
Beatnuts – Hood Thang
Monifah – T-Shirt and Panties
En Vogue – Desire
Ginuwine – Tell Me Do You Wanna
– So Anxious
Salt N Pepa – Sexy Noises
Novel – Peach

Chevelle – The Red
Bush – Mouth
Disturbed – The Game
Saliva – Always
System of a Down – Aerials
Jack Off Jill – I Touch Myself
Deftones – Change
Adema – The Way You Like It

Just to name a few that I didn’t think were posted yet….

On 06 January 2004 (03:55 PM),
My DiCc Up Yo MouTh said:

biitch ass dis fawkin place fawkin succ nayguh!!!

On 09 January 2004 (07:12 AM),
Carrie said:

My list of Sexy/Romantic/Love Song list: No specific order (old/New songs)

You’re Making Me High- Toni Braxton
Wonderful tonight- Eric Clapton
Marvin Gaye- Lets get it on & Sexual Healing
Sarah McLachlan- I Love You & Do What you Have to
Prince-Little Red Corvette
Deftones- Ordinary Love (Re-Make) & Change
Janet Jackson � Lonely & What�s it gonna be
Pretenders- I�ll stand by you
Rolling Stones- Wild Horses
En Vogue- Don�t Let Go
Extreme- More than Words
Van Morrison w Chieftains – Have I Told You Lately
Fleetwood Mac � Dreams & Landslide
Peter Gabriel – In Your Eyes
Next- Too Close & Wifey
Brian Mcknight � Anytime
KC and Jojo – All My Life & Crazy
Genuwine- in those jeans
chris isaac “wicked game”
Dave Matthews – Crash Into Me
Boyz II Men – On Bended Knee (almost any of their old stuff)

On 09 January 2004 (07:21 AM),
Carrie said:

I actually meant Dave mathews band- Crush! Not crash into me!

On 13 January 2004 (11:29 AM),
Alex said:

4 of my favorite sexy songs are:
Too Close by Next
I’ll Make Love to you by Boys 2 Men
I Can Tell by 504 Boys
All My Life by Kci and Jo Jo

On 17 January 2004 (01:50 PM),
nadina said:

Porcelain – Moby
Come Undone – Duran Duran
Sadeness – Enigma
When the world ends – Dave Matthews Band
Summer overture – Requiem for a Dream Soundtrack

On 31 January 2004 (02:14 PM),
DaemonWyrm said:

I’m trying to make a CD for valentines day and this place has been a big help ;P

my contributions are…
(even though a couple might be repeats)

Between the Sheets – Isley Brothers
Oops – Tweet
Cream – Prince
Hey Lover – LL Cool J
Lets Do it Again – TLC

On 31 January 2004 (08:01 PM),
Holly said:

yeah i came across this lokin for good songs for a valentines cd!!! this is what i came up with….

Freak me– by silk (excellent!!)
Fade into you– by Mazzy Star
Turn me on– by Nora Jones
Sweet Love– by 112
Lets get it on…of course
Sexual Healing– by Ben Harper
Painted on my heart– by The cure
Chris Isaak– I wanna fall in love

well thats all i have now But ill be lookin for more!!!

On 01 February 2004 (12:41 PM),
Abbey said:

What a great list! Here’s a few I would add…

Just about anything by Aerosmith, but…
-Sweet Emotion
-Love in the Elevator
-Falling in Love is Hard on the Knees

By U2
-Mysterious Ways
-Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me

Possum Kingdom, by the Toadies
Crooked Crown, by Anniversary
Space Lord, by Monster Magnet
and Guns and Roses does a cover of “Sympathy for The Devil” that I’m fond of (Interview with the Vampire Soundtrack)

These are all more “down and dirty” sexy songs, rather than “slow and romantic” sexy songs. It really all depends on what you’re looking for.

On 02 February 2004 (01:41 PM),
Nina said:

PEOPLE trust me when it comes about TURN ON&SEXY SONGS listen to Filur-“I want you…” it turns me on just by thinking of it.. ..”don’t misunderstand me cause I wan’t u ,I see u on the floor baby I want u ,don’t misundertand me cause I want u ,I want u to want me to like I want u..”


On 02 February 2004 (06:09 PM),
Sexie Swan said:


“OH MY GOD” – PINK ft peaches (“let me feel u baby”)

maxwell “this woman’s work” (cant believe no one mention this!)
pink “love song”

i also recommend (already listed):

jeff buckley “everybody here wants you” (“even now you’re undressed in yor dreams with me”)
paula cole “feelin love” (“u make me feel like the amazon’s running between my thighs….”)

PLUS there is the hottest of hot songs ever but it is very hard to get ahold of. it is called “dame suave papi” by i dont know (sum girl name magdalena or sumthin) and its available on winmx every blue moon. it is the hottest of hot … imagine a spanish chick bawling “ayyyyyy!!!” with a rel sexy beat and the lyrics translate as “un bicho por las nalgas = a dick up my ass” so u can imagine what she singing.

i have endless, i am tryin to make a sex cd myself, but this list relly helped me thanks everyone

On 02 February 2004 (06:10 PM),
Sexie Swan said:


“OH MY GOD” – PINK ft peaches (“let me feel u baby”)

maxwell “this woman’s work” (cant believe no one mention this!)
pink “love song”

i also recommend (already listed):

jeff buckley “everybody here wants you” (“even now you’re undressed in yor dreams with me”)
paula cole “feelin love” (“u make me feel like the amazon’s running between my thighs….”)

PLUS there is the hottest of hot songs ever but it is very hard to get ahold of. it is called “dame suave papi” by i dont know (sum girl name magdalena or sumthin) and its available on winmx every blue moon. it is the hottest of hot … imagine a spanish chick bawling “ayyyyyy!!!” with a rel sexy beat and the lyrics translate as “un bicho por las nalgas = a dick up my ass” so u can imagine what she singing.

i have endless, i am tryin to make a sex cd myself, but this list relly helped me thanks everyone

On 02 February 2004 (11:16 PM),
kris said:

I’m making a ‘Lets get it on’ CD right now.. heres my playlist! (all pretty easy on the ears.. if you like one you’re bound to like them all)

Joi – Lick
Paula Cole – Feeling Love
R. Kelly – Bump N Grind
Christina Aguilera – Get Mine, Get Yours
Britney Spears – Breathe On Me
Morcheeba – Dont Stop (We’ve Got the World Looking in)
Janet Jackson – Would You Mind
Mya – All About Me
Beyonce – Speechless
Genuwine – In Those Jeans
Keith Sweat – My Body
Toni Braxton – I get so High
Mariah Carey – My All
Silk – Freak Me
Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing
Marvin Gaye – Lets Get it On

ALSO- theres this techno song thats really orgasmic.. called ‘Southern Sun’ I forgot who its by…

Thats where I’m at right now- I’ll probably add some once I get thinking about it more.. ;D

On 05 February 2004 (08:11 AM),
CyNNa said:

Lots of good songs mentioned.. however these are my favorite sexy songs.

Deftones ~ Digital Bath
Deftones ~ Change (Acoustic)
Deftones ~ Be Quiet and Drive (Acoustic)
Deftones ~ Lucky You

Can ya tell I like Deftones?

504 Boys ~ I can Tell
Joi ~ Lick
Madonna ~ Justify My Love
NiN ~ Closer
Ginuine ~ Pony
Britney Spears ~ Breathe on Me or I’m a Slave 4 U
These are just a few… but Great songs!

On 05 February 2004 (04:33 PM),
MEL said:

Try any album by Crowbar. It’s really slow, hard metal but sooooo perfect!

On 05 February 2004 (07:06 PM),
Meggles said:

For anyone who likes it a little freaky; hellooo!!??
NIN- I Wanna F*ck You Like an Animal

On 07 February 2004 (10:33 PM),
RockitMan said:

Remember the song that Jamie Lee Curtis stripped to in True Lies? “Alone In The Dark” by John Hiatt. Doesn’t get any better than that…

On 09 February 2004 (12:11 AM),
Kristi said:

The one song I always think of when thinking SEXY is….Baby Did A Bad Thing by Chris Issack you can’t go wrong with his voice!!!

On 10 February 2004 (03:41 PM),
telly said:

People, if you want a song to make you REALLY hot… go Canadian
New Messiah – by the Philosopher Kings
National Steel – by Colin James
Trust me… trust me

On 13 February 2004 (09:55 AM),
Cass said:

I absolutely love Norah Jones’ “Turn Me On”…amazing. I also really like “Turn your lights down low” by Bob Marley and Lauren Hill. They are slow and good for a more ‘romantic setting.’

On 14 February 2004 (09:06 AM),
B. said:

If you want some serious music then check out:
International Lover and Do Me Baby by Prince.

On 14 February 2004 (07:13 PM),
Mika said:

this is what gets me wet:

You Make Me Feel Good – Zombies
Lets Get It On – Jack Black
Double Team – Tenacious D
Venus In Furs – Velvet Underground
Creep – Radiohead
Lover – Van Morrison
Temptation – Tea Party
No More Good Guys – Skindive

On 15 February 2004 (10:12 PM),
talax said:

HOW has everyone forgotten Bump N Grind by R Kelly????? What about Freak’n You by Jodeci?

Other fantastic but unmentioned songs:
Govinda – move me slow
Govinda – falling from grace
LSG – My Body (ummmmm…yeah)
Tupac – Temptations

Other good choices:
Timberland & Magoo – Indecent Proposal
Metallica – Nothing else matters
Everlast – Put your lights on (it’s a nice, not too fast rhthym)
Gomez – Get Miles
Morcheeba – Big Calm
En Vogue – Giving him something he can feel

Truly Dirty Songs that still serve a purpose:
DJ Screw – Pussy, Weed & Alcohol
Twista – Get it wet
Too Short & Little Kim – Call Me
Akinyele – Put it in my mouth
Khia – My neck, my back
Lil Jon – Nothings Free (no purpose b/c it’s about prostitution, but it still has a really nice beat)

On 18 February 2004 (06:08 PM),
val_lilstar said:

well nine inch nails fuck you like an animal is super antisexy (yack!)
britney spears i’m a slave for u is sexy altough
kumbala bar by maldita vecindad (try it)
britney spears boys
baby boy by beyonce

that’s all =(^ ^)=

On 21 February 2004 (09:13 AM),
Bullworth said:

If this hasn’t been mentioned, if you like R&B at all, there is no song you will EVER hear that can top Maxwell’s “Til the Cops Come Knockin’.” Nothing else comes close.

On 21 February 2004 (09:52 AM),
Bullworth said:

I forgot to add to the stripper gals that “Tip the Cops Come Knockin'” is perfect for that purpose. I’ve done it for my ladies, and it KILLS. Also, R. Kelly has a song called “Strip for You” that is pretty steamy. Go for yours!

On 22 February 2004 (07:17 PM),
karla said:

Ludacris has some hot songs to get down to, a few are “Keep it on the Hush,” “Splash Waterfalls” and “Whats your Fantasy.” Other favorites are “Doin’ It” By LL Cool J and “Fucking you Tonite” by Notorious B.I.G

On 24 February 2004 (09:10 PM),
some girl said:

“Girl you really got me now”~ Van Halen
it’s not bad…but “Pour some sugar on me” by Def Leopard is great.

On 25 February 2004 (03:09 AM),
sassyone said:

sweet songs:
Angel Eyes – Jeff Healey Band
Anytime – Bryan McKnight
Baby It’s You – Jesse Powell
Crazy Love – aaron Neville
In Your Eyes – Peter Gabriel
My Valentine – Martina McBride
The One – Gary Allan (country)
When You Say Nothing at all – allison krauss

sexy songs:
colorblind – counting crows (duh)
Damn I wish I was your lover – sophie b hawkins
Don’t Cry Tonight – Guns n Roses
Fortunate – Maxwell
Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon – pulp fiction soundtrack
Just Let Me Be In Love – Tracy Byrd (country)
Kiss the Rain – Billie Myers
Kissing You – Desree (Romeo & Juliet ST)
Lately – Tyrese
So Anxious, In those Jeans (remix) – Genuwine
Suga Suga – Baby Bash
Sweetest Sin – Jessica Simpson
This Womans Work – Maxwell
Wild Horses – ?
Bryan Adams anything

Sexy Alternative Songs
Hemorrhage – Fuel
Hear You Me – Jimmy Eat World
Ever See You Again – Lenny Kravitz
Little Heaven – Toad the Wet Sproaket (Buffy the Vampire Slayer – THE MOVIE)
Letting the Cables Sleep – Bush
Six Underground – Sneaker Pimps
Somewhere Out There – Our Lady Peace
Superman – Eminem

On 25 February 2004 (02:50 PM),
codejess said:

Marivin Gaye “Let’s Get It On”
Rufus Wainwright “Instant Pleasure”
Norah Jones “Turn Me On”
Solomon Burke “Cry to Me”
Tito and Tarantula “After Dark”
Ravel “Bolero”
Elvis “Little Sister”
Elvis “I Got Stung”
Elvis “Burnin’ Love”
Jonny Cash “Ring of Fire”
George Strait “One Night at a Time”
George Strait “The Fireman”
George Strait “Overnight Male”

Those are the top sex songs that I can think off.

On 26 February 2004 (10:36 PM),
emily said:

if your looking for a song that makes you feel sexy and powerful(women)… these two do it for me.

Shocking Blue – Venus
Tom Jones – Shes a Lady

On 26 February 2004 (10:36 PM),
emily said:

if your looking for a song that makes you feel sexy and powerful(women)… these two do it for me.

Shocking Blue – Venus
Tom Jones – Shes a Lady

On 26 February 2004 (10:37 PM),
emily said:

if your looking for a song that makes you feel sexy and powerful(women)… these two do it for me.

Shocking Blue – Venus
Tom Jones – Shes a Lady

On 26 February 2004 (10:37 PM),
emily said:

if your looking for a song that makes you feel sexy and powerful(women)… these two do it for me.

Shocking Blue – Venus
Tom Jones – Shes a Lady

On 27 February 2004 (02:00 AM),
Miranda said:

I am currently compiling a “sexy cd” and the first to go on it was the cover of “Wonderwall” by Ryan Adams…acoustic, completely beautiful and sensual- an already wonderful song but made especially sexy by Adams. Please check it out.

On 28 February 2004 (02:54 PM),
Megan said:

the hunter gets captured by the game – Massive attack ft. Tracy Thorn ( batman forever sndtrk)
talk dirty to me – poison
milk – garbage
comedown – bush
hungry like the wolf ( i like the reel big fish live version for a little sexual comedy)
candy- presidents of the USA
the sun – maroon 5
home – dream theater (turn it up loudly at 8:00 min exactly…now that’s an orgasm.)
whatever lola wants – sarah vaughan
since i fell for you (1962 version) – dinah washington
short skirt, long jacket – cake …maybe
berekeke – woman on top soundtrack
let’s do it all over again – stroke 9

On 29 February 2004 (02:29 PM),
Melissa said:

two super good sexual songs are “chocolate” and “Is this real” by lisa hall. “Is this real” is from the soundtrack to practical magic. Its such a good song. Another good one is “Glory Box” by portishead, which i think was already mentioned, same with Colorblind by counting crows. One by ben harper called “excuse me mr” has really good rhythm that makes your body move. Lastly there is a song by sublime, called “waiting for my ruca” really slow with awesome bass. Enjoy!

On 01 March 2004 (04:09 PM),
Denise said:

Sorry if this is a repeat – but ‘Sharing the Night Together’ by Dr. Hook is a great one.

On 01 March 2004 (05:59 PM),
kax said:

toxic– britney… a definate
temptation– tes party… this song seems to have an amazing effect on some
push it– garbage… mm mm mm
alive– pod…

if you want some good ideas watch queer as folk.. gays have the best taste in “sexy”

On 05 March 2004 (10:00 AM),
emma said:

lil luis- french kiss
lil kim- how many licks
michael jackson- dirty diana
any my bloody valentine
pixies- tame
the johnny cash and depeche mode versions of “own personal jesus”
missy elliot’s pass the dutch
them- gloria and mystic eyes
beatles- come together

On 05 March 2004 (10:00 AM),
emma said:

lil luis- french kiss
lil kim- how many licks
michael jackson- dirty diana
any my bloody valentine
pixies- tame
the johnny cash and depeche mode versions of “own personal jesus”
missy elliot’s pass the dutch
them- gloria and mystic eyes
beatles- come together

On 05 March 2004 (10:21 AM),
Nala said:

Here is my list. Some songs are just sweet, these, IMHO, are SEXY

Maxwell – Till the Cops Come Knockin’ & This Woman’s Work
D’Angelo – Untitled (How Does it Feel?)
Janet – Anytime, Anyplace
Shai – Yours (not to be confused with Baby, I’m Yours also by Shai)
Jodeci – Freakin’ U
Counting Crows – Colorblind
Goo Goo Dolls – Iris
Faith Evans – Kissing You (from “Waiting to Exhale Sdtk”)
Boyz II Men – I’ll Make Love to You
Usher – Nice and Slow
Lauryn Hill – Nothing Even Matters (w/D’Angelo) and Ex-Factor (sexiest break up song ever)
Chris Isaak – Wicked Game and Baby did a bad, bad thing (of course)
Aaliyah – Rock the Boat
LL Cool J – Doin’ It
R. Kelly – the entire 12 Play CD!
Almost anything sung by Prince or Sade

On 06 March 2004 (03:22 PM),
Shannon said:

This site has been so helpful!
By contributions:
*Cheap Trick- “I Want You to Want Me”
*Damien Rice- “Cannonball”
*The Darkness- “I Believe in a Thing Called Love”
*Better Than Ezra- “Desparately Wanting”
*N.E.R.D.- “She Wants to Move”
*The Steve Miller Band- “The Joker”

On 10 March 2004 (06:33 AM),
Zizi (Brazil) said:

NIN – Closer
Pixies – Where is my mind
Portishead – Glory Box
Korn – Adidas
Pj Harvey – Down by the Water

On 10 March 2004 (03:14 PM),
Lamia said:

Somehow, you ALL managed to miss Godsmack’s “Voodooo”…God, the bass alone…

On 10 March 2004 (04:24 PM),
J.D. Roth said:

Another good one, found while searching for 80s songs: “So Alive” by Love and Rockets. This song is lustful.

On 11 March 2004 (10:31 AM),
Naftey said:

ok, I’m building a sexy cd and heres my list for your viewing pleasure
[some songs taken from suggestions from here, thanks dudes]
not in proper order yet:
-Ani DiFranco-Both Hands
-Benny Benassi-I love my Sex
-Bright Eyes-Lover I dont have to Love
-DMB-Tonight Lets Be Lovers
-Drill-What You Are
-The Cult-Painted On My Heart
-Hawksley Workman-Striptease
-Kylie Minogue-Slow
-Metric-Love is a Place
-Placebo-Pure Morning
-Britney Spears-Touch Of My Hand or Breath On Me
-Deftones-no ordinary love
-chris isaak-wicked game

On 12 March 2004 (08:26 AM),
alyse said:

danzig-she rides
silverchair-satin sheets
rob zombie-feel so numb
rob zombie-living dead girl
the doors-five to one
jack off jill-angels fuck
led zeppelin-i cant quit you baby
led zeppelin-black dog
fiona apple-criminal
marylin manson-sweet dreams

On 12 March 2004 (01:23 PM),
Jackie said:

“Butta Love” by Next on Rated Next album

On 14 March 2004 (04:11 PM),
tania said:

a few of these will be repeats, i am sure.
1. you give me fever. i forgot who sings this, though.
2. foo fighters – everlong
3. peaches – fuck the pain away (of course!)
4. incubus – stellar
5. soft cell – tainted love
6. massive attack – risingson
7. kevin shields – city girl
8. radiohead – there there
9. the international noise conspiracy – smash it up [the rhythm!!!]
10. arab strap – love detective [ohhh the voice!]

On 14 March 2004 (05:28 PM),
Sexie Swan said:

alrite ppls thanks keep it coming… thanks to everyone i am gettin the best sexy music on the planet, keep up the good work… and add these to your list:

“goodnight moon” – shivaree
“who makes u feel” – dido
“i need to know” – marc antony
“stop falling” – pink
“i shall believe” – sheryl crow
“love song”, “fallen” and “bread and water” – sheila nicholls
“take me with you” – kylie minogue
“anything for you” – snow, beenie man, buju banton
“what’s it gonna be” – en vogue
“she will be loved” and “shiver” – maroon 5
“milkshake” – kelis
“nookie” – jackie-o
“marathon” – kelis (WOW)
“moist vagina” – nirvana
“yeah” – usher, ludacris, lil jon
“hot and wet” – 112, ludacris
“splash waterfalls” – ludacris
“naughty girl” – beyonce
“come get some” – tlc, lil jon, youngbloodz
“if u want it to be good girl” – bsb (sorry if i stickin in boy bands but this is good)

if u wanna hear sum spanish reggae check out “para la chica” and “seduceme” (one word) by big boy, anything relly but those r de 2 best

check out ANYTHING by billy ocean (btw he is from my country trinidad and tobago) esp “suddenly”

ANYTHING by chantal kreviazuk esp “surrounded” and “in this life”

xavier naidoo my faves are “bevor du gehst” and “wo willst du hin”… he is german but he has sum english songs… such as “i’d be waiting”… his voice is amazing

anything by TIZIANO FERRO (he’s italian but there are also french, spanish and english versions of many of his songs) esp “rosso relativo”, “perdono” (particularly the remixes), “perverso”, “boom boom” (rel hot – italian song but english chorus)

and if anyone doubts that rock music can be sexy, get the highly-recommened nine inch nails – closer (aka fuck u like an animal)…

and if u want an ANTI-sexy song… get nirvana’s “where did u sleep last nite” (ouch)

i’m jus an 18yr old girl so i dont know if your taste will vary but i’m sure everyone has GOT to find something they like in this ensemble. anyone who appreciates my advice lemme know, email me at [email protected]

peace luv & “other indoor sports” 🙂

On 14 March 2004 (08:00 PM),
Betsy said:

OK, I think these are all new to the list:

Bonnie Raitt – Gnawin’ On It
Bonnie Raitt – Monkey Business
John Lee Hooker – In The Mood
Solomon Burke – Fast Train
Elvis Costello – I Want You
Chaka Khan – Tell Me Something Good
Barry White – Can’t Get Enough of Your Love Baby
The Roots – The Seed
Lucinda Williams – Essence

On 15 March 2004 (08:24 AM),
J.D. said:

This is a test. I just installed a new spam filter on this site. I’d hate to have it disallow comments to my most popular thread!


This thread is about sexy songs. It features words such as sex, fuck, booty, kiss, lick, sexy, and more.

On 16 March 2004 (12:17 AM),
SeXy_LiPs said:

Come on everyone do u really want ur partner to get SEXXY on u… I DO. Well try and seduce em by playing this song, its R&B… Avant – Makin good love & Avant – Read ur mind.. U hav to get em.. At the sound of it i go crazy it drives me wild.. TUrNs Me ON, too much!!! I start to crave for SEX.. Its that GOOD!

On 16 March 2004 (06:20 PM),
krys said:

I don’t think anyone has mentioned these yet:

Yellow and Clocks by Coldplay
I Miss You by Incubus
It’s Been Awhile by Staind
For You by Duncan Sheik
SpottieOttieDopaliscious by Outkast
I’m With You by Avril Lavigne
Cupid by Babyface ft. 112
One Call Away by Chingy
Come Close to Me by Common ft. Mary J. Blige
He is by Heather Headley
Irresistible by Jessica Simpson
Why Can’t I? by Liz Phair
Figured You Out and Someday by Nickelback
Smooth by Santana ft. Rob Thomas
Until by Sting
I Want You by Thalia ft. Fat Joe
Are You Strong Enough to Be My Man? by Sheryl Crow
No Better Love by Young Gunz
Breathe by Blu Cantrell ft. Sean Paul

anything by Dashboard Confessional especially Hands Down, Screaming Infidelities, and So Beautiful
anything by Norah Jones especially Don’t Know Why, Come Away With Me, and Day is Done
anything by Dave Matthews especially #41, Crash, Say Goodbye, and Stay

On 20 March 2004 (01:17 PM),
~Cherry~ said:

these are also good !!!

“Chocolate”, “Slow” and really any song from Kylie Minogue’s album “body language”.
“Blow my mind”- Robyn
“Here in my room”- Incubus (from their new CD)
“Purple (Sasha V)”- Gus Gus ( if you like techno, this has a good beat)

On 21 March 2004 (01:05 PM),
Cait said:

I’ve taken a lot of suggestions from this thread and I was not disappointed. Thanks 🙂

My contributions:

Tears for Fears – Woman in Chains
Enigma – Mea Culpa
Mighty Bop – Sex, Sea and Fleurs
Jesse Cook – Virtue
Delerium – Firefly
Damien Rice – Delicate
Damien Rice – Blowers Daughter
Damien Rice – Cold Water
just about anything by Depeche Mode
Mediaeval Baebes – the Sour Grove (check out what the lyrics tranlate to)
Bjork – Generous Palmstroke
Led Zeppelin – Black Dog
Led Zeppelin – Dazed and Confused (both Zep songs are very good to strip to also)
Afterlife – Cry (Brown Bear Remix)

a lot more, but those are just to start with

On 21 March 2004 (07:07 PM),
mary said:

Two that I can’t believe haven’t made the lists…

Lucinda Williams — Essence (anyone who is turned on by chris isaak’s wicked games or mazzy star’s fade into you really needs to check this one out)

Peter Gabriel — Blood of Eden

On 21 March 2004 (07:07 PM),
mary said:

Two that I can’t believe haven’t made the lists…

Lucinda Williams — Essence (anyone who is turned on by chris isaak’s wicked games or mazzy star’s fade into you really needs to check this one out)

Peter Gabriel — Blood of Eden

On 26 March 2004 (07:27 PM),
ashley said:

hey, i’m not a micheal jackson fan cause he’s weird, but you CAN NOT TELL ME “DIRTY DIANA” does not make you just filled with passion!!!

On 27 March 2004 (04:24 PM),
Lauren said:

Hey guys this song is unbelievable……

R Kelly- Naked

it’s a gentle song so if your in a dirty mood this won’t work

On 28 March 2004 (01:01 AM),
Danna said:

black velvet- Alannah Myles
against all odds- Mariah Carey
natural woman
come away with me- Norah Jones
you belong to me-Lifehouse
she’s got the look-Roxette
1000 oceans-Tori Amos
Love bites-Def leppard
I’ll stand by you- Pretenders
Romeo and juliet- Dire Straits
Iris- GooGooDolls
Angel-Fiona apple
Hey pretty-Poe
Sad eyes-Bruce springstean

On 29 March 2004 (12:16 AM),
ILoveJD said:

i fu*king love BILLY IDOL’s song “Cradle of Love”. It makes me so hot!

ps. great songs everyone

On 04 April 2004 (01:13 PM),
jelly said:

Reactor – Feeling The Love is really really really hottt!!! CHECK IT OUT . Believe me!!

On 05 April 2004 (07:18 AM),
J.D. said:

I recently found what is, to me, the sexiest song in the world. This is from Jem’s new album, Finally Woken. This album is an outstanding mix of pop, trip-hop, and even a bit of jazz. And this song is so damn sexy. Just look at the lyrics!

Come on Closer
by Jem

Come on closer
I wanna show you
What I’d like to do
You sit back now
Just relax now
I’ll take care of you

Hot temptations
Sweet sensations
Infiltrating through
Sweet sensations
Hot temptations
Coming over you

Gonna take it slow babe
Do it my way
Keep your eyes on me
Your reaction
To my action
Is what I want to see

Rhythmic motion
Raw emotion
Infiltrating through
Sweet sensations
Hot temptations
Coming over you

And now you’re satisfied
A twinkle in your eye
Go to sleep for ten
And anticipating
I will be waiting
For you to wake again

Hot temptations
Sweet sensations
Infiltrating through
Sweet sensations
Hot temptations
Coming over you

[When you wake up we’ll
do it all again]
[When you wake up]
[When you wake up we’ll
do it all again]
[When you wake up]

Hour after hour
of sweet pleasure
After this I guarantee
you’ll never wanna leave
Shut your eyes and think about
what I’m about to do
Sit back relax I’ll take my time
this lovin’s all for you

Zowie! That song works like magic.

Also check out “Breathe” by Telepopmusik…

On 06 April 2004 (06:55 PM),
scrappypickles said:

dave matthews… some devil
rolling stones… wild horses
dispatch… out loud

good stuff… very good… if you like that laid back, romantic kinda thing…

On 10 April 2004 (07:01 AM),
t-dot-trini said:

Not sure if this one was mentioned….but “Angel” from Massive Attack is definitely one of the sexiest songs I’ve ever heard. Had the great pleasure of several perform to this song in Blue Rose in Ibiza….will NEVER forget that…..

On 10 April 2004 (09:15 AM),
candngrl said:

Sorry if any of these songs are repeats, but I’m sure some of them will be…
Joe~peep show
Janet Jackson~Would you mind–>this song will have you naked before it’s done 😉
Keith Sweat~I’m not ready
Dave Matthews Band~lover lay down
Avant~read your mind
Usher~nice and slow
Tupac~thug n u thug n me
DJ Alligator Project~suck on your lollipop–>if you haven’t heard this song before, then I highly recommend listening to it…we’ll just say, that the song is not talking about candy…very hot lyrics!!
Glenn Lewis ft Kardinal Official~Back for more–> *sings* I feel your legs trembling, wrapped around me…wrapped around meeeeeeee!!

On 10 April 2004 (04:31 PM),
pssycat said:

Man oh man! what an awesome list of songs posted!! So many of my favs; ones that make me absolutely melt!
Thought I’d add in a few of my own, some that I don’t see on the list (or maybe I just missed them):
**Note-some of these songs I just listed b/c they have a nice slow groove to them, to…well… you know…set the tempo a bit 😉

Stereophonics-A Minute Longer
Jack Johnson-Fortunate Fool
Madonna-Human Nature
Keith Sweat-Come Into My Bedroom
The Flys-Got You Where I Want You
Prince-Purple Rain
Bob Marley & The Wailers-Waiting In Vain

and for a really dirty song with GREAT lyrics, and very different from my other suggestions:
KISS-Lick It Up

On 11 April 2004 (03:28 PM),
AlexDJ said:

I actually made a cd whit the most sexiest songs i found… and works great, u know if u want to get lucky whit someone (if u know what i mean) the track list is… some of them have been listed before, but all are really good stuff 😉

01.- Glen Lewis – Fall Again – Very romantic to start whit the kisses and touchin’
02.- B2K – Gots Ta Be – Kinda sweet and sexy
03.- Christina Aguilera – Loving Me 4 Me – Damn Hot Voice!!! and very nice lyrics
04.- Isyss – Single For The Rest Of My Life – so its kinda heartbreaking, but its nice and slow, very sexy to show true feelings
05.- Tyrese – What Am I Gonna Do – If u whisper this song to your girl… well try it and u’ll see
06.- Moby – Porcelain – I wasnt sure of this at first… mainly for the lyrics, but… the music is so sexy and its kinda a bridge
07.- Dru Hill – I Should Be Your Boyfriend (Steps) – Well the music is kinda bassy very sexy
08.- Craig David – Seven Days – kinda pop, but the guitar sounds exciting…
09.- Ginuwine – In Those Jeans – HOT HOT HOT
10.- Isyss – No Na Na – its about waiting… but i bet u it wont
11.- Alicia Keys – Slow Down – Well those songs are about waiting, but the waiting only makes want it more, dont ya think?
12.- Monica – Down 4 Whatever – And finally we got when everybody are down 4 whatever 😉
13.- Destiny’s Child – Temptation – Should u fall into temptations?
14.- Britney Spears – Breath On Me – well… shes hot, and the song has a little more beat than the other songs… but its sexy
15.- Toni Braxton – Maybe – DAMN HOT
16.- Avant – Making Good Love – Well the title says all
17.- Usher – Nice And Slow – Just take it nice and slow
18.- Toni Braxton – Makin’ Me High – we are almost there ;P
19.- Janet Jackson – Would You Mind – Orgasmic!

thats it… and remember the music its just a complement, the most important thing is the attitude… if you feel sexy, everything around u will be SEXY! 😉

On 17 April 2004 (10:14 PM),
Laura said:

Depeche Mode all the way!!! Stripped—I Feel You–World in my Eyes—Enjoy the Silence–Hell, the whole Violator album. So many others…not enought time…. Also, the soundtrack to Lost Highway……

On 25 April 2004 (09:07 PM),
mary said:

This list inspired me to make an “in the mood” cd: here’s my list

I’m on fire (Springsteen — how is this not on anyone’s list?)
essence (lucinda williams)
secret world (peter gabriel)
crush (dmb)
when doves cry (prince)
criminal (fiona apple)
sweet surrender (sarah mclaughlan)
blood of eden (peter gabriel)
porcelain (moby)
justify my love (madonna)
breathe on me (britney)

On 01 May 2004 (01:12 AM),
Jina said:

I Like the Way She Moves – Chris Isaak
Stuck in the Middle with You – Steeler Wheel
Sea of Love – Tom Waits (how is he not on here?)
Eau D’Bedroom Dancing – Le Tigre
Let’s Get Flat – Jimmie’s Chicken Shack
Aquaneous Transmission – Incubus
I Want You – Third Eye Blind
Colorblind – Counting Crows
Seven Nation Army – White Stripes
Pink – Aerosmith
I’m on Fire – Bruce Springsteen
Baby I Love Your Ways – Peter Frampton
I Think I’m Paranoid – Garbage

okay, most of these aren’t necissarily lovey type songs or have great lyrics, but the beats are insanely hot.

On 02 May 2004 (07:34 PM),
Kris said:

Just a few I didn’t notice but are soooooooo HOT!!!!!!
Twork it out-Usher
Sweet love-112
Lick u up and down-silk
My body- Keith Sweat
How do I say- Usher (his voice is soo sexy wooo)

On 16 May 2004 (05:12 PM),
Zulu said:

These songs either haven’t been mentioned or haven’t been mentioned enough.

Serge Gainsbourg -Je t’aime
Justin Timberlake – Cry me a River
Barry White – Practice what you preach
Boyz II Men – I’ll make love to you
Spice Girls (Don’t laugh) – 2 become 1
Dru Hill – How deep is your love
Freddie Jackson – Rock me tonight
Ginuwine – Pony And In those Jeans
LL Cool J – Doin It, Hey Lover and Who do you love
Prince – Purple Rain, Little Red Corvette, The most Beautiful girl in the world and Nothing compares to you
R Kelly – Bumb and Grind, Ignition (not the remix), 12 play and Your Body’s calling me
TLC – Red light Special

On 18 May 2004 (09:26 PM),
Darryl said:

I have not seen anyone post one of the all-time classics “Come and Get Your Love” by Native American 70’s band Redbone. Caution: Not for use by those who have been told they have a heart condition or high blood pressure. Use at your own risk.

On 20 May 2004 (01:37 AM),
J. said:

Some new ones that belong to the “how’s that those aren’t here” list:

Rolling Stones – Paint It Black
Leonard Cohen – I’m Your Man
Lenny Kravitz – Beyond the 7th Sky
Edwyn Collins – A Girl Like You
Roots – The Seed 2.0
Nancy Sinatra – These Boots Are Made For Walking
Boy George – The Crying Game (!!)
WASP – Wild Child 😉

some not-so-famous ones:
Morphine – You Look Like Rain
Spike – Be Here Now
Dalbello – Gonna Get Close To You

surprise bonus – ever heard Sammy Hagar sing “Back Into You”?

On 21 May 2004 (07:01 PM),
delta said:

Edwin McCain – The promise of you

On 22 May 2004 (04:15 PM),
Emily said:

Another great one is ‘Time of the Seasons’ by The Zombies. just the beat gives me chills.

On 24 May 2004 (06:24 AM),
Yoda said:

Afternoon Delight
by The Starland Vocal Band

Gonna find my baby, gonna hold her tight
gonna grab some afternoon delight.
My motto’s always been; when it’s right, it’s right.
Why wait until the middle of a cold dark night.
When everything’s a little clearer in the light of day.
And you know the night is always gonna be there any way.

Sky rockets in flight. Afternoon delight. Afternoon delight.

Thinkin’ of you’s workin’ up my appetite
looking forward to a little afternoon delight.
Rubbin’ sticks and stones together makes the sparks ingite
and the thought of rubbin’ you is getting so exciting.

Sky rockets in flight. Afternoon delight. Afternoon delight.

Started out this morning feeling so polite
I always though a fish could not be caught who wouldn’t bite
But you’ve got some bait a waitin’ and I think I might try nibbling
a little afternoon delight.

Sky rockets in flight. Afternoon delight. Afternoon delight.

Please be waiting for me baby when I come around.
We could make a lot of lovin’ ‘for the sun goes down.

Sky rockets in flight. Afternoon delight. Afternoon delight.

On 04 June 2004 (10:26 PM),
Wingsofhope said:

well i have a few sexy songs..

What would happen- Meredith Brooks
Is this real?- Lisahall
#1 crush- Garbage
Dont let go- En Vogue
Oops oh my- Tweet

On 08 June 2004 (09:02 PM),
Mandy said:

This is a sexy Combo of songs, Just use this and everyone will be in the mood.
2.Changing Faces, He’s Mine
4.Joe-Love Scence
5.Please Don’t Go-Immature
6.EnVogue-Giving Him Something He can Feel
8.Usher-Can You handle it
9.Giunuwine-I’ll do anything/I’m Sorry
10.Don’t say no-Avant

On 18 June 2004 (05:49 AM),
Michael said:

Do Me Baby, by Prince

On 23 June 2004 (11:39 AM),
Valerie Peterson said:

Oh so hot songs*

Bjork- Army of Me
(this song will make you want to take your clothes off and get dirty!!)
Led Zeppelin- Dazed and Confused
Van Morrison- Moondance
Bush- When it all comes down
Nine Inch Nails (NIN)- closer
NIN- theperfect drug
Brittany Spears- Everytime
Fiona Apple- Criminal
Deftones- Change
Damien Rice- Volcano
N.E.R.D- SHe wants to move
Deftones- No Ordinary Love

On 06 July 2004 (02:01 PM),
Lady Jayne said:

Here is my CD of sexy songs that makes me melt:

Hey Sexy Lady – Shaggy
#1 Crush – Garbage
Crimson & Clover – The Pretenders (best version)
Aerosmith – Pink
Cream – Prince
Say Goodbye – Dave Matthews Band
Sugar Sugar – Frankie J
Peaches & Cream – P Diddy
Ecstasy – Rusted Root
Return to Innocence – Enigma
Darling Nikki – Foo Fighters
Bump N Grind – R Kelly
Baby did a bad, bad thing – Chris Isaak
Fallin – Alicia Keys

Anything by Enigma or Evanescence.

On 30 July 2004 (10:40 AM),
Miss Tina said:

These are just a few of what I consider to be some of the sexiest, mostly unheard music out there…

The Way We Met – Morphine
I Got It Bad (And That Ain’t good) – Nina Simone
Whipping Boy – Ben Harper
All Blues – Miles Davis
I’m Blue – The Ikettes
Fuck The Pain Away – Peaches
Phone Went West – Morphine
You’ve Got Cum In Your Hair and Your Dick Is Sticking Out – Palace Music
Lovely Head – Goldfrapp
Reaction – Bob Marley
I Got It Bad and That Ain’t Good – Nina Simone
Mezzanine – Massive Attack
Wild Woman Have The Blues – Ida Cox

On 30 July 2004 (10:41 AM),
Miss Tina said:

These are just a few of what I consider to be some of the sexiest, mostly unheard music out there…

The Way We Met – Morphine
I Got It Bad (And That Ain’t good) – Nina Simone
Whipping Boy – Ben Harper
All Blues – Miles Davis
I’m Blue – The Ikettes
Fuck The Pain Away – Peaches
Phone Went West – My Morning Jacket
You’ve Got Cum In Your Hair and Your Dick Is Sticking Out – Palace Music
Lovely Head – Goldfrapp
Reaction – Bob Marley
I Got It Bad and That Ain’t Good – Nina Simone
Mezzanine – Massive Attack
Wild Woman Have The Blues – Ida Cox

On 21 August 2004 (12:48 PM),
elle said:

Good ones so for. Here are some more that nobody has said yet:

N.E.R.D – Lapdance (how has nobody mentioned this?)
Mase feat. Total – Tell me What you Want
Missy Elliot – Hot Boyz
Janet Jackson – Don’t Stop (All Nite)
Justin Timberlake and Timberland – What You Got (Oh no)
Dido – Here with me

and a little techno:
Mousse T. vs Hot N Juicy – Horny
Kristine W. – Some lovin’

On 27 August 2004 (06:12 AM),
Lereaux said:

What a fucking awesome list! Mostof these have been mentioned but I feel the need to reiterate…

Cry to Me – Solomon Burke (oh yeah….)
Son of a Preacher man – oldie but a fucking goodie
MArvin Gaye – get it on
Turn me on – Norah Jones
Je `Taime moi non plus – serge et al

Actually anything by Solomon Burke 😉

On 24 September 2004 (04:07 PM),
GOD said:

Air “Sexy Boy”
Peaches “Fuck the pain away”
Herbalizer “Sensual Woman”
Mandalay “Insensible”
Massive Attack “Dissolved girl”
Marvin Gaye “Sexual healing”
Don’t know the artist “All in your hands”
Barry White “i’m gonna love you just a little more”
Kings of convenience ” I don’t know what i can save Y”
Joy Division “Love will tear us apart”
Avril Lavigne “I’m with you”
David Gray “Sail Away”
Air “Venus”
Mandaly “Enough love”

On 02 October 2004 (04:12 AM),
Insomnia said:

Garbage – #1 Crush
Madonna – Erotica
Madonna – Justify My Love
Toni Braxton – You’re Making Me High
Jennifer Lopez – Come Over
Britney Spears – Breath On Me
Britney Spears – I’m A Slave 4 U
Janet Jackson – All Night
Janet Jackson – Anytime, Anyplace

On 13 October 2004 (08:10 PM),
Leslie said:

i haven”t seen anyone mention Adina Howards NASTY GRIND,gotta check it out ppl!!!!!

On 17 October 2004 (11:37 PM),
Guava said:

“Confession” by Supafuzz is the sexiest song ever (I get goosepimples thinking about it…)

On 18 October 2004 (08:45 AM),
J.D. said:

I don’t get it. What’s so sexy about #1 Crush by Garbage?

On 27 October 2004 (02:47 AM),
kbilly said:

Theres been a few Maxwell songs listed but if your after slow smooth sounds then look no further than:

Maxwell – “Ascension (Don’t ever wonder)”

Don’t doubt me… just get it.

On 02 December 2004 (05:00 PM),
Michael said:

Here are some extremely sexy songs,
I hope you enjoy the list, although some songs have already been mentioned, there it goes:
1. Marvin Gaye – Let’s Get It On
2. Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing
3. Brian Ferry – Slave to Love
4. Huey Lewis and Gwyneth Paltrow – Cruisin’
5. The Temptations – Just My Imagination

what do you think about them?


On 02 December 2004 (05:00 PM),
Michael said:

Here are some extremely sexy songs,
I hope you enjoy the list, although some songs have already been mentioned, there it goes:
1. Marvin Gaye – Let’s Get It On
2. Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing
3. Brian Ferry – Slave to Love
4. Huey Lewis and Gwyneth Paltrow – Cruisin’
5. The Temptations – Just My Imagination

what do you think about them?


On 07 December 2004 (05:02 PM),
Christie said:

I can’t believe I’m halfway through this and no one’s mentioned “Mad About You” by Sting…it’s so hot!!!! and as much as I can’t stand Britney, “I’m a Slave for You” is yummy.

On 07 December 2004 (05:11 PM),
Christie said:

Oh, and “Kasmir” by Zepplin would get anyone hot

On 13 December 2004 (10:33 PM),
Rhonda said:

Why hasnt anyone mentioned “NOBODY” by Keith Sweat……it makes me hot thats for sure!!!

On 13 December 2004 (11:27 PM),
Gretchen said:

I have a couple that I’d like to add…

Only You by Ashanti (very hot!!)
Believe in Me by Lenny Kravitz

and I can’t believe it, but I don’t think anyone has mentioned either of these songs by Janet Jackson (from All For You album)… When We Ooooo, and Would You Mind… both VERY VERY hot hot hot songs! They make me wild!!

By the way, this is an AMAZING list of songs. Thanks to this list, I’ve compiled 5 (yes FIVE) cd’s with all sexy songs on them! Thanks for all your input!

On 14 December 2004 (12:05 AM),
Gretchen said:

Oops, almost forgot to mention a couple metal songs. Remember these from the 80’s?? I think they’re both HOT!

Naughty Naughty by Danger Danger
Can’t Get Enuff by Winger

On 28 December 2004 (09:04 PM),
cool claire said:

anything by mazzy star, enigma & massive attack

On 09 January 2005 (08:17 PM),
MeL said:

Britney Spears – Breathe On Me
Sarah McLachlan & Delerium – Silence
Jessica Simpson – Loving You

those are defenitly sexy!!!

On 26 January 2005 (12:18 AM),
Nisha said:

“Are You A Hypnotist” By the Flaming Lips
“Closer” By Nine Inch Nails

But the Flaming Lips album is just generally great to steam things up with!!

On 22 April 2005 (05:47 PM),
Yana said:

i think basically a lot of r&b is so sexy some of da songs r
half from a baby by r. kelly(r.kelly got all sexy songs)
bumb n grind by r.kelly
u already know by 112
and a lot more i cant remember

On 08 May 2005 (04:21 PM),
trish said:

Adina Howard – Buttnaked
This Love – (Cruel Intensions Soundtrack)
Jeff Buckley – Everybody Here Wants You
Maxwell – The Suite Theme
Morphine – You Look Like Rain
Portishead – Roads
Sarah McLachlan – I Love You and Angel
Wallflowers – Closer To You
Air – How Does It Make You Feel

On 11 May 2005 (01:42 AM),
Tad said:

ive heard some of those songs you speak of people must say mostly are damn good

but just to add
Despeche mode – Dirty
Paco Ibañes – concierto de Aranjuez
raul Di’blasio – vals para mimi
choplin – nocturne for violin and piano
Carlos Santana ft. Everlast – Turn your lights on
Heroes del Silencio – con nombre de guerra
Enrique Bunbury – Mundo Feliz
Miguel Bose – Si tu no vuelves
Cafe Tacuba – eres
Cartel de Santa – El Arte del Engaño
Rata Blanca – Mujer Amante (acustica)

the best one of those ive listed in my opinion is Eres of Cafe Tacuba of course all are good

On 23 May 2005 (12:45 PM),
Counsel said:

Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye
Rev22:20 by puscifer
Sexual Dwarf by Soft Cell
Taste You by Auf Der Maur

On 23 May 2005 (12:49 PM),
Counsel said:

. . . and when a girl told me that I made her feel like the song:

Then I met you by the Proclaimers


On 16 June 2005 (05:16 PM),
Ms Lucy said:

These are my favourite sexy ones:

Undress Me Now by Morcheeba
Bedroom Dancing By Day One
What Would Happen… by Meredith Brooks
Wish I was Your Lover by Sophie B. Hawkins
Better Man by Martina Sorbara (really great!)
Secret by Madonna
Glory Box by Portishead
Bubblegun by Placebo
Velvet by A-Ha
You’re Making Me High by Toni Braxton

…and hundreds of others! Sexy songs are the best 😉

On 16 June 2005 (05:50 PM),
Ms Lucy said:

Oh, I forgot about 2 great songs:

This Mess We’re In by Thom Yorke & PJ Harvey
and, of course!
I’m on Fire by Bruce Springsteen – sometimes I think it’s actually The Sexiest Song Ever


On 20 June 2005 (02:47 AM),
Kelsey said:

“Faded” by Soul Decision
“Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac
“Toxic” by Britney Spears (I have no excuse)
“Genie in a Bottle” by Christina Aguilera
“Baby, Come Over (This is our night)” by Samantha Mumba
“Waiting for Tonight” by Jennifer Lopez
“I Need to Know” by Ricky Martin
“Brown Skin” by India Arie
“Promises” by Savage Garden
“Die Another Day” and “Like a Virgin” by Madonna
“Discovery Channel” by Bloodhoundgang

Some of these are sweet and some are just sexy- I made an effort to only mention previously unmentioned songs, so sorry about any repeats!

On 25 June 2005 (08:36 PM),
Doesn’t Matter said:

Elvis version of Fever
Serge Gainsbourg – Requiem Por Un Con
Ghost of an American Airman – Honeychild (listen to the lyrics)
Leona Naess – Moon & I
Siesta in Granada (don’t know the artist)
Margo Guryan (many of her songs)

On 14 July 2005 (08:36 AM),
Holly said:

Here’s a list I should charge for: It’s not a preteen list, it’s not overplayed 80’s music. These are timeless, fresh and sexy songs. Songs that will make you feel amazing, even if you’re alone.

“Ai Du” by Ali Farka Toure
“I’ve got a cold feeling” by Albert Collins
“You can leave your hat on” by Joe Cocker
“My funny Valentine” by Chet Baker
“We’ll be together again” by Billy Holiday
“My one and only love” by John Hartman and John Coltrane
“Jesus to a child” George Michael
“The very thought of you” by Nat King Cole

On 15 July 2005 (11:17 PM),
some guy said:


On 18 July 2005 (07:37 AM),
scot said:

Backdoor Man,Little Red Rooster, Light My Fire, The End-The Doors
Gloria- Van Morrison/ The Doors
King Bee- Any blues singer ( I like the Grateful Dead version w/Pigpen Singing)
Midnight Hour-not sure, alot of people cover it
Star Fucker, Honky Tonk Woman, Beast of Burden- Rolling Stones
Lemon Song-Led Zepplin (or did they bite that from someone?)
FOXY LADY, Wild Thing, – Jimmi Hendrix
Shook me All Night Long- AC/DC
Pour Some Sugar on Me-Def Leppard
Paradise by the Dashboard Light
Ice Cream Man-Van Halen
Caress Me Down-Sublime
SOUL TO SQUEEZE, Suck my Kiss,-Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Crush-Dave Matthews Band
Sexual Healing-Marvin Gay
Lets Get it On-
Why Don’t we Get Drunk and Screw-Jimmy Buffett
Lick My Lovepump-Spinal Tap (also Sex Farm Woman)

there’s more, but only so much room, probly forgot some good ones….oh well

On 18 July 2005 (08:09 AM),
Scot said:

forgot about:
Stir it Up, Mellow Mood-Bob Marley
Red, Red Wine-UB 41

On 11 August 2005 (05:42 AM),
Z said:

Splash Waterfalls Remix by Ludacris. The unedited version of course…lol. I melt every time I listen to this song! It’s hottt

On 13 August 2005 (07:28 PM),
raphael_brazil said:

mostly eletronica mood

portishead – glory box
dee joy – trust me ******* REALLY WORTH GETTING!!
massive attack – dissolved girl
massive attack – Tear Drop
deftones – change
sneaker pimps – becoming x
sneaker pimps – bloodsport

On 19 August 2005 (04:02 PM),
dana said:

i cant believe people are forgetting Janet’s “That’s the way love goes” It’s incredibly sexy song! and also Faith Evan’s “I love you” also is very good.

On 16 September 2005 (01:19 AM),
CBizkit said:

Foo Fighters – Everlong
Cold – Superstar
A Perfect Circle – Judith (Renholder mix)
Deftones – Minerva
GodSmack – Voodoo
Faith No More – Evidence
Skunk Anansie – Secretly
Dave Gahan – Hold on

On 03 October 2005 (10:41 AM),
Cyra said:

Here’s a few more

Ache for you – Ben Lee
Smoke Baby – Hawksley Workman
Buckcherry – Lit Up
Mono – Silicone
Massive Attack & Portishead – Teardrop
Ain’t no sunshine – Al Green