October 2004

Trick or Treat

31 October 2004

In which I overcome my distaste for costumes to actually win a costume contest!

The Velvet Ribbon

30 October 2004 · 7 comments

In which I share the mp3 for The Velvet Ribbon, one of my favorite spooky stories. Happy Halloween!

The Shape of Things

29 October 2004

In which the Custom Box gang is loads of fun. In which Tony can’t drive. In which an old tree comes down. In which Nick contemplates the shape of the Universe.

Only Joking

26 October 2004

In which I tell some of my favorite jokes, and you tell some of yours.

Steller’s Jay

25 October 2004

In which Kris and I are becoming birdwartchers — we love the Steller’s Jays.


21 October 2004

In which my inner core is cold.

Unwelcome Visitors

20 October 2004

In which I compose an ode to the skunk who lives under my office.

Broken Glass

19 October 2004

In which I attempt to repair a broken glass pane, but all I can manage to do is spill paint stripper all over myself.

The Blood of a Squirrel

03 October 2004 · 1 comment

In which Simon murders Walnut, our favorite squirrel.