December 2004

Top Albums of the 1980s

29 December 2004

In which I nominate the fifteen greatest albums from the 1980s.

Good Poems

28 December 2004 · 10 comments

In which I share some of my favorite poems.

Love, Actually

26 December 2004

In which we’ve had a wonderful holiday season.

In which I brave the nether regions of the trailer house in order to retrieve a dead skunk. Foul beast!

Our Wild Kingdom

19 December 2004

In which Rosings Park is home to birds and squirrels and cats, even in the middle of winter.


14 December 2004

In which I have a series of nightmares.

World of Warcraft

03 December 2004 · 1 comment

In which I review — actually ‘rave about’ would be more apt — the new game World of Warcraft. It’s awesome.