March 2005

Brushless Shave Cream

21 March 2005

In which the new barber in Canby remembers that I have problems shaving. He sells me a shave cream that he says will cure all my ills.

In which I travel to Eugene to see The Decemberists with Paul and Susan.


16 March 2005

In which I create a new music mix to celebrate this weblog’s fourth anniversary, then promise to mail it to anyone who wants a copy but never do. I am such a flake.


15 March 2005

In which I haven’t been funny lately and vow to do better. As a start, I share some funny anecdotes.

Neighbors and Dreamtime

14 March 2005

In which I describe the people we’ve met in our new neighborhood. In which I have a strange dream.


13 March 2005

In which I play with my iMic (recording birdsong) and my Nikon d70 (photographing cats).

Cat Pictures

01 March 2005

In which I take photographs of my cats. Again.