Today this space features photos of my cats. Isn’t that what weblogs are all about?

I think the cats loved this unseasonable February even more than Kris and I did. Simon, especially. He took every opportunity to lounge about the yard, to hide in the bushes, to chase birds and squirrels, and to climb his tree.

I think that, left to his own devices, Simon could perch in this tree for hours. There’s so much to see. Like the woman walking her dog down the street.

Dogs are scary.

Of course, Nemo likes attention, too. Unfortunately, I still haven’t got the hang of the new digital camera, so when I’m trying to capture action in low light with an unfamiliar camera I get blurry shots.

Although Nemo craves affection, he’s a lot more fidgety than Simon. He won’t sit still. This makes him difficult to photoraph.

Simon likes to sit in the tree, but he loves my workshop more. When I’m out there, he often scratches on the door until I let him in. He then lounges around the shop, exploring the dark corners, until he decides that he needs attention, at which point he becomes Mr. Super Affectionate (which is strange, because he’s not all that affectionate otherwise).

On Sunday, I left the workshop door open while I carried things to-and-fro. Simon decided that, despite the sunny day, and despite the attractive tree limbs, he’d rather spend his time inside the workshop, sitting on Joel’s old desk, watching the birds through the window.

Goofy cat.

Nick, giving tremendously practical advice: “Cats are worthless! Get a dog — you could train it to hunt pythons.”


On 01 March 2005 (08:35 PM),
Jethro said:

Good old Gordo. He’s still the best cat ever, even with a goofy name like Simon. 🙂

On 02 March 2005 (05:25 PM),
jenefer said:

Am I losing my mind? Or were there more pictures yesterday?

On 02 March 2005 (08:03 PM),
tammy said:

Nope there were more pictures yesterday. He had more of the cat in the window.

On 02 March 2005 (08:05 PM),
J.D. said:

I’m practicing my editing techniques, particularly my photo editing techniques, as suggested by the link in the flotchbar…

On 02 March 2005 (08:31 PM),
Joel said:

Ooooh, Oregon looks so warm and green… hold on warm snap! We’re a-comin’!

On 03 March 2005 (11:57 AM),
Amanda said:

Yay! More kitty posts!!!

On 03 March 2005 (12:30 PM),
Tiffany said:

What, no photos of Toto?

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