Man of Fashion

Writing for Get Rich Slowly provides me with some interesting opportunities. I get a lot of interview requests. Some are better suited for me than others. Here’s one I received yesterday: I’m a writer and editor at DETAILS and I’m looking for some financial advice for our Style section. Basically, we’d love to hear your… Continue reading Man of Fashion

Random Musings

First off, this one’s for Andy, who has complained in the past that the font at foldedspace is too small. Just now, I was squinting to read one of my own stories. Not a good sign. Andy, you win. I’ve bumped up the font size! (Somebody just complained the other day at Get Rich Slowly… Continue reading Random Musings

About the Weather

It is June 6th, just two weeks from the start of summer. Here are the current weather conditions: The temperature is 10 degrees centigrade (or 50 degrees fahrenheit for those of you in Oregon City). The wind is from the south at 18 miles per hour, with gusts up to 28 miles per hour. The… Continue reading About the Weather

I Don’t Speak Chinese

For my birthday, Mom gave me a gift card to Land’s End. (Thanks, Mom!) Because my five-year-old slippers are dirty and stinky, I ordered a pair of mocassins. I didn’t expect them to be crafted by Native Americans, of course, but it was a little surprising to find that they were made in China. I… Continue reading I Don’t Speak Chinese

Dead Baby Jokes

On a whim, we met Celeste & Nicki and Rhonda & Mike for dinner at Gino’s last night. It was a damn fine meal with damn fine friends. Gino’s can be hit-or-miss, and last night was definitely “hit”. The food was hot, the portions were enormous, and the conversation was hilarious. The highlight of the… Continue reading Dead Baby Jokes

Hemorrhoid Remedy

In which Kris’ mother shares a family recipe. It’s not safe for metal spoons.

Web 2.0 Defined

In which I share a video that defines web 2.0. In which I share other random thoughts.