While working a future post for Get Rich Slowly, I stumbled upon this photo by chuckp at Flickr. It’s entitled “Patti’s Wedding 1982”. I find it surreal:

The first thing my eye goes to are the power lines, which seem to be toppling in slow motion. Then I go to the children in the weeds. Then the array of cars by the side of the road. It all seems so…strange.

The photo is tagged: Wisconsin, countryside, wedding, guests, presents, highway, truck, station wagon, wedding guests, and landscape. I’d also tag it “alternate universe”.

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  1. Paul J. says:

    Kinda makes you want to turn the camera around and see what the view is facing the other direction.

    Hey, what’s up with the “twitterblog” care to share what that’s all about? Yeah, the iphone will keep you warm. Where to you keep it? Heh.

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