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Building My New Writing Studio

17 October 2017

Kim and I moved into a new house on July 1st. Well, it’s new to us. The house itself was actually built in 1948 — or before. According to neighborhood gossip, the house survived the 1948 Vanport flood, was sawed in half, moved here, then put back together. (I’m not sure why somebody would haul […]

Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks: How I’m Taming Email and Tab Overload

12 October 2015

After nearly two weeks, Kim and I are finally feeling settled here in Savannah. We’re learning the layout of the city, and discovering how to get around our neighborhood. (I like to walk almost everywhere, which is a challenge in the South. But I’m making it work.) Both of us have started working on our […]

How to Survive Long Flights

12 February 2015

My friend Lane wrote the other day with a question: Do you have an article somewhere talking about how to survive long flights? I’m making my first ever trip to Europe in May and have no idea what I am in for on the flight! Unfortunately, I’ve never written about this topic before. So, I […]

How to Become a Better Communicator

04 December 2014

As I continue to do more public speaking — whether on stage, on air, or via recorded interview — I’m becoming interested in what does and does not make an effective communicator. But I’m not just interested in how to communicate with a passive audience; I also want to be a better conversationalist with my […]

Dietary Resource Page

14 April 2006

In which Kris and I begin a diet together, and I share what I know about nutrition.

The Good Stuff

28 September 2005

In which I share information about companies that produce high-quality good: clothing, furniture, paper products, and more. Only the best.

A Brief Guide to Better Sleep

08 September 2005

In which I share what I’ve learned about sleep over the past few months: how to get better sleep, and how to get more of it.

Essential Macintosh Software

02 June 2005

In which I enumerate the best applications currently available for the Mac.

Getting Things Done

23 May 2005

In which I read and comment on David Allen’s popular book on organization, Getting Things Done.

Get Rich Slowly!

26 April 2005

In which I read and summarize several financial self-help books.

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