Waiting for Spring

This has been a long, wet, cool spring. We’ve had a lot of wet, cool [name your season] in Oregon over the past few years, probably because of global climate change. Whatever the case, it’s really taken a toll on my psyche. I’m an Oregon native, and I love it here, but even I get… Continue reading Waiting for Spring

The Cat on the Table

While emptying my camera’s memory card the other day, I found a photo I’d forgotten I took. It’s funny. My family generally celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve. We get together for a pizza dinner before exchanging gifts. This year, Kris and I hosted. We bought several take-n-bake crusts and provided toppings so people could customize… Continue reading The Cat on the Table

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Born Free

When I was a boy, I loved nature films. We saw a lot of these in school, of course, but once in a while, Dad would actually take me to see one in the theater. My favorite nature film was Born Free, about Elsa, the lioness who was raised from a cub by humans in… Continue reading Born Free

The Pleasures of Self-Sufficiency: A Cat’s Perspective

If I’m going to resume writing here regularly, I’ll obviously be writing more and more about my cats. After all, they rule the house, right? Kris and I are merely here to serve them. Besides, they do plenty of silly things worthy of blog posts. For example, all four cats — Toto, Simon, Nemo, and… Continue reading The Pleasures of Self-Sufficiency: A Cat’s Perspective

Cats Are Strange

It’s been a while since I’ve written about our cats. I know that disappoints many of you, so let me remedy that now. Our cats are strange. During the summer, we keep a window open for them so that they can go in and out at will. Last year, this window was in the dining… Continue reading Cats Are Strange

Two Bad Cats

Here’s a typical morning at Rosings Park: I get up at 5:30, spend a few minutes checking e-mail and blog comments, pull on my workout clothes, and then head out the door for the gym. At the gym, I strain and sweat, and then I drive home to take a shower. After the shower, I… Continue reading Two Bad Cats

Do Cats Love Water?

None of our cats drinks water the same way. Simon prefers to drink from the toilet. Max likes to drink from the sink — and from the faucet, if it’s running. Nemo drinks from the “kitty fountain” we bought for the spoiled brats. So does Toto, but apparently she doesn’t know how to do it… Continue reading Do Cats Love Water?

Cats Cats Cats. And More Cats.

So, I suspect most of you have already seen this fun YouTube clip of the ninja cat who seems to move without moving (if you get my drift): Well, here’s a follow-up that shows the same cat’s ninja secrets: It’s been a while since I gave an update on my own feline companions. Let’s examine… Continue reading Cats Cats Cats. And More Cats.

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