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Graphic Novels for People Who Hate Comics

22 May 2006

In which I compile a list of graphic novels that average people might enjoy.

Sesame Street Video Clips

19 April 2006

In which I spend several hours collecting Sesame Street video clips to share with you.

Personality Types

18 July 2005

In which I disucss the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

Getting Things Done

23 May 2005

In which I read and comment on David Allen’s popular book on organization, Getting Things Done.

Too Much Cat

18 May 2005

In which I share a horde of cat pictures, videos, games, and stories, all collected from other sites.

Why Star Wars Sucks

29 April 2005

In which I complain about the last twenty years of Star Wars and explain why I feel the way I do.

Get Rich Slowly!

26 April 2005

In which I read and summarize several financial self-help books.

622 Music Videos

13 April 2005

In which I stumble upon a treasure trove of music videos and link to my favorites.

Man vs. Skunk: A Photo-Essay

21 December 2004

In which I brave the nether regions of the trailer house in order to retrieve a dead skunk. Foul beast!

Pocket Bikes

30 June 2004

In which I loathe pocket bikes, but many visitors to this site do not.

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