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I Lose: Beaten by The Boss

01 November 2008

I like Chicken Wings. I like Things That Are Hot. Doing a little addition, you might correctly conclude that I like Chicken Wings That Are Hot. Today, however, I discovered I don’t like all Chicken Wings That Are Hot. For years, I’ve been proud of my ability to tolerate hot (spicy) foods. It’s not just […]

The Whole Point of Having a Tree

11 September 2008

More from the J.D. and Kris show. I’m upstairs, eating my dinner and answering e-mail. Kris is downstairs making a taco salad. She stops moving around, comes to the bottom of the stairs, and in a whiney/sad/bewildered voice, says, “Jay Deeeeee…..” I know I’ve done something wrong, and I wrack my brain to think of […]

Behind the Scenes at Pok Pok

08 September 2008

Every evening it’s a struggle to keep from heading north to Pok Pok. I love Ike’s Vietnamese fish-sauce wings with a tamarind whiskey sour. Yum. Amy Jo forwarded this short video of Pok Pok’s owner Andy Ricker describing his inspiration for the restaurant: Now The Oregonian reports that Ricker plans to open Ping, a Chinese […]

Gros Manseng

15 August 2008

Kris’ parents were in town last week. While they were here, we took them to some of our favorite restaurants. (We didn’t get to Pok Pok — maybe next time.) On Sunday night, we dined at South Park for the first time in two or three years. South Park has altered its menu a little […]

Caffeine is Not My Friend

06 August 2008

This has sort of turned into the “dumb things J.D. does” blog. Here’s yesterday’s dumb thing. I drove to Eugene to participate in a neuroeconomics study. I spent an hour inside an MRI scanner answering questions about personal finance. For this, I was paid $120. Because I knew I might fall asleep, I had a […]

Pok Pok

27 March 2008

On Presidents Day, Kris and I met Lisa and Craig at Pok Pok, a popular Asian restaurant here in Portland. We showed up at 8pm, thinking it would be easy to get a table on a Monday night. We were wrong. The wait was 90 minutes. Disappointed, we dined at Nostrana instead. But I couldn’t […]

My Favorite Christmas Cookies (2007 Edition)

07 January 2008

Alas, Christmas is over. That’s probably a good thing. The holiday season is dangerous for me, filled as it is with cookies and other baked goods. Most holiday cookies are nice, but run-of-the-mill. Every once in a while, a friend surprised me with something truly delicious: Jenn’s gingerbread cookies, Courtney’s hot pepper and chocolate wonders. […]

Beautiful Star of Bethlehem

25 December 2007

Every few years, Jeremy and Jennifer hold a Christmas party with lots of food, wine, and song. Tiffany says the singing is unusual, and maybe it is. I remember lots of singing at the gatherings I went to as a kid, but a lot of those were Mennonite events too. Music is an important part […]

City Market

25 November 2007

Kris and I made an expedition to northwest Portland today, searching for menu items for an upcoming dinner party. Amy Jo had told us that City Market at 21st & Johnson was a great place to pick up top-quality meats and cheeses. She wasn’t kidding. City Market is a playground for foodies. It’s a small […]

Picky but Adventurous

12 October 2007

Jason sent me a New York Times article about kids who are picky eaters. As many of you know, I have a reputation as something of a picky eater. The way I like to think of it is that I may be a picky eater, but I’m adventurous. That is, I don’t like certain foods […]

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