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A Descent Into Madness

22 January 2007

In which a day begins pleasantly, but ends poorly.

Return to Galactica

21 January 2007

In which Kris and I have begun to watch the new Battlestar Galactica.

Touchstones of Success

19 January 2007

In which we have dinner with Ron and Kara at their new house. In which I borrow a book from Kara.

Site Statistics

18 January 2007

In which I share traffic numbers for my sites.

17″ MacBook Pro: Six-Week Review

17 January 2007

In which I like my new laptop, but I do not love it.

Star Wars Trailer

16 January 2007

The original trailer for Star Wars.

Low-Tech Comfort

15 January 2007

In which we spend a pleasant morning with our cats.

Pastoral Winter

14 January 2007

In which all things are bright and beautiful.

Breaking Internet Addiction

12 January 2007

In which I find a simple way to sever my ties to the net.

Totally Tomatoes

11 January 2007

In which Kris and her friends are obsessed.

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