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THX-1138: A Future Without Hope

19 March 2007

In which I love THX-1138.

Six Years of Foldedspace

16 March 2007

In which I share my favorite entries of the past six years.

Max and Toto Sitting in a Tree

15 March 2007

In which Max spends five minutes sleeping next to Toto.

Amazing Video of the Moon Transiting the Sun

14 March 2007

In which I share a gorgeous stereoscopic video of the moon crossing in front of the sun.

Rating the Bond Films: The Brosnan Era

13 March 2007

In which I rate the last seven Bond films.

I’m Writing a New Book Every Month

12 March 2007

In which I am prolific.

Sunday Morning Coming Down

11 March 2007

In which I take a walk. In which I am lonely.

All You Need to Know About Blogging

09 March 2007

To gain readers, you must publish quality content on a regular basis. Sure, readers like a pretty site. Sure, it would be nice if there were ads for them to click on. But all of this is secondary. All that really matters is the content.

Safari: A Love/Hate Relationship

07 March 2007

In which I can’t live with Safari, but I can’t live without it.

Where is John Galt?

06 March 2007

In which it hurts to write checks for estimated tax payments.

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