in Cats

Max and Toto Sitting in a Tree

Toto is sleeping on the chair in my office. Max is sitting on the desk, watching the mouse pointer flit across the screen. He gets bored. He walks to the edge of the desk and looks at the chair where his sister lays. He pauses.

Then gingerly he steps down next to her. Toto lifts her head and hisses. She growls. But she does not move. Max ignores her. He curls up beside her. Toto growls some more, but then she goes back to sleep. Max sits there, touching his sister, not quite snuggling, but most definitely touching.


You cannot even begin to understand how awestruck I am by this scene. (Well, those of you who know Toto may understand.)

Just now she picked up her head and licked herself. She glanced at Max, but she did not growl, and she did not pull away. They’re still touching, crowded together on the chair.

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