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Unrelaxing Weekend

11 June 2007

In which we get a lot done, and have a lot of fun, but don’t have time for ourselves.

Christmas in June: Save Money with Homemade Gifts

09 June 2007

Each December, I put together gifts for friends, co-workers, neighbors and family. My list is long, and I don’t want to break the bank. Homemade gifts go the extra mile to express my affection to the people in my life, while also allowing me to save some money. If you’re thinking about making gifts from […]

My Comic Book Conundrum

08 June 2007

In which I cannot decide how to collect my comics.

Video Killed the Radio Star

07 June 2007

In which I share several video versions of a song I like.

Cat Time

05 June 2007

In which I decide that Cat Time does not occur in the evening, but at 4 a.m.

Dad! Let Me In!

04 June 2007

In which Max is unhappy.

Hemorrhoid Remedy

03 June 2007

In which Kris’ mother shares a family recipe. It’s not safe for metal spoons.

I Learn Ping-Pong

01 June 2007

In which I take table tennis lessons from my former soccer coach.

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