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The Man with the Meaty Claw

30 November 2008

I borrowed the neighbor’s pressure-washer on Friday. After five years at Rosings Park, I decided it was time to clean the gunk and the moss off the sidewalks. It was fun, actually, and strangely satisfying. I encountered a problem, however, while working next to the house. As I sprayed the sidewalk, the mud and grime […]

The Reluctant Wardrobe

26 November 2008

We’ve gradually been purging the clothes from my closet. I have a tendency to never throw away (or give away) any garment, especially those I love. If a shirt becomes a favorite, I keep it for years, no matter how tattered it becomes. One of my favorite pieces of clothing is a tattered old blue […]

Those Sorts of Movies

24 November 2008

After watching Michael Clayton and re-watching Casino Royale for the fourth time, I told Kris I “like those sorts of movies”, though I couldn’t really put my finger on what “those sorts of movies” were. I decided that the Bourne films probably fit the bill, so I put them on the our Netflix queue. I […]

Plant a tree to add beauty and value to your home

23 November 2008

There’s nothing like a breathtaking autumn to make us notice the trees. And fall is the perfect time to start thinking about adding a tree to your property. J.D. and I are lucky to have many mature trees on our lot, but that didn’t stop us from planting more when we moved in. We added […]

Leaving My Comfort Zone

19 November 2008

As many of you know, I’ve begun to push myself in new directions. My personal finance blog has been wildly successful, and because of this I’ve been presented with new opportunities. Public speaking For one, I’ve been offered some speaking engagements. I spoke to graduating students at Western Oregon University last spring, and last weekend […]

Star Trek Trailer

16 November 2008

I have such mixed emotions about the upcoming Star Trek prequel film: Yes, it looks exciting, but it doesn’t look like Star Trek. Yes, I like J.J. Abrams sometimes, but the man cannot end things, and he’s on record as not liking Star Trek in the first place. (I think I read somewhere that he […]

Practice, Passion, and Patience: The Secrets to Successful Blogs

In his new book, Blog Blazers, Stephane Grenier interviews 40 prominent bloggers about their secrets to creating successful — and profitable — blogs. Some of those who participated include: Asha Dornfest from Parent Hacks Jessamyn from Penelope Trunk from Brazen Careerist Ramit from I Will Teach You to Be Rich Trent from The Simple […]

My Family Financial History (As Told by My Mother)

15 November 2008

I’m giving a presentation at 1 p.m. this afternoon at the main downtown branch of Portland’s Multnomah County Library. I plan to cover a bit of my personal history, share some of the things I learned along the way, and offer some book recommendations before taking questions. As part of my preparation, I asked my […]

How I Became the Bomb

11 November 2008

Wow. Was there ever a song and video more targeted at J.D. than this? I think not. My life is now complete.

Drama in Real Life: Burgled Again

05 November 2008

Four years ago — soon after we moved into this house — somebody broke into my car. We only have room for one vehicle in the garage, so I park on the street. One foggy February morning, I walked to my Ford Focus as usual, opened the back door, and put my stuff on the […]

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