July 2009

I had breakfast with Paul and Amy Jo yesterday morning at Broder on Clinton (which is apparently a sister restaurant to Savoy). Over baked eggs and Swedish pancakes, we chatted about life. I mentioned that Thursdays were my days for walking the 2-1/2 miles into Milwaukie and back. “I go to the comic-book store and […]

Some New Romantic

30 July 2009 · 1 comment

While cleaning my office this afternoon, I found the journal I kept when we traveled to London, Dublin, and New York during the summer of 2007. Two years ago today, we were spending our last full day in Dublin. I spent €29.13 (roughly $39.84) on lunch, magazines, ice cream, and mass transit. But what I […]

There are multiple ways to resolve conflict. You can pursue scenarios in which both parties gain something. Or you can pursue scenarios in which both parties lose. To my mind, WIN-WIN is almost always the right choice. Here are two real-life examples of how different choices produce different outcomes.

“You cain’t give me two corndogs for a dollah?” asked the woman. “Come on, now. You know you kin do it. If you give me two fo’ a dollah, I’ll buy ’em. But I ain’t buying nuttin’ fo’ seventy-nine cents. Whaddya say?”

Flash of Insight

26 July 2009 · 3 comments

I’ve been itching to make more photographs lately, and to learn more about the craft. Last night I picked up my new Nikon D90, attached my new SB-600 flash unit (the first flash unit I’ve ever used), and took some photos of the MNF group.

As with all of these old insructional films (I’ve watched dozens over the past couple of months), I love Buying Food in oh so many ways. I love the cheesiness and the earnestness. But I love it for non-ironic reasons, too. I love the glimpse into the past, I love the writing (it does a great job of distilling ideas into a short segment), and I love a lot of the individual frames. Here are some of my favorites.

When we moved into Rosings Park, we knew we were in for more maintenance — we just didn’t realize how much. Our house in Canby wasn’t that big of a deal. It was a 1976 ranch-style home that had recently been updated. We didn’t need to do a lot of work on it. Rosings, however, is over one hundred years old — and it shows it in lots of little ways.

Foldedspace 6.0

24 July 2009 · 4 comments

Hey, loyal and patient Foldedspace readers. As many of you know, I’ve been doing some soul-searching over the last few months. The end result is that I want to become more focused in my writing, and to pursue my passions with, well, passion. That means there’ll be lots of little changes in my life, most […]

Meal Planning

23 July 2009 · 11 comments

I do a lot of writing — and a lot of reading — for Get Rich Slowly. During the process, I’m exposed to all sorts of ideas: some old, some new. One new idea (to me) that Kris and I have adopted is once-a-month shopping. Last night, Kris and I spent ten minutes drawing up a tentative meal plan.

Yesterday, actor Kevin Spacey appeared on The David Letterman Show, during which he schooled Dave about Twitter.