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2010: Year in Review

31 December 2010

Back in the olden days, when Folded Space was new, I used to post annual reviews. Okay, maybe I only did this twice three times: in 2002, 2003, and 2006. But I always liked the idea, and I always meant to continue it. So, after a seven-year hiatus, I’m going to do another year in […]

A Brief Message is Better Than No Message

30 December 2010

Recently, I met Charlie Gilkey for lunch at Jade Teahouse. Over noodles and vietnamese stew, we talked about blogging. (Charlie runs a site called Productive Flourishing, which contains “strategies for thriving in life and business”.) And we talked about e-mail. Junk food may be one of my biggest weaknesses, but e-mail is nearly as bad. […]

Junk Food: A Character Flaw

29 December 2010

I have no self-control. This is the fundamental reason that for so long I was fat, in debt, and unable to do anything productive. Instead of doing what I ought to do, I always chose what I wanted to do. These rarely overlapped. When I decided it was time for me to get out of […]

True Grit

27 December 2010

When I was a boy, VCRs did not exist. You couldn’t watch old movies in the comfort of your living room. (Well, you could, but to do so was prohibitively expensive.) Instead, there was a thriving industry of second-run movie theaters. And not just second-run theaters (which still exist today), but theaters that only showed […]

Comic Book Christmas Covers

23 December 2010

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas, everyone. To celebrate the season, I’ve brought you just what you wanted: a small collection of Christmas-themed comic book covers. Don’t say I’ve never done anything for you. First up is a comic that adapts an actual 1964 film. Sound like a bad comic? It was apparently a bad movie. […]

Olga Kotelko and Aging Well

21 December 2010

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times: Yesterday at the gym, I was able to back squat my body weight, 175 pounds. That’s 40 pounds more than my previous best. Plus, I did 195 sit-ups and 198 box jumps, nearly keeping pace with Dan and Dana. It was a good […]

Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

18 December 2010

Okay, to counter my last post, which praised music that some might consider…well, a little girlie…here’s another song I’ve been listening to a lot lately. It’s the polar opposite of “When I Grow Up“, and I hope it restores my reputation for manliness. Actually, I’ve never been one for thrashy metal stuff, but I have […]

When I Grow Up

How has this song been out for over two years and I only heard it for the first time last week? No worries, I suppose. I downloaded the song and have listened to it non-stop for the past few days. If I could wear out an mp3, this one would be toast. I was oh-so-pleased […]

A Brief Tour of Foldedspace

16 December 2010

Since I’ve decided to make Foldedspace a priority again, I realized that I should probably provide some context for new readers. Which is most of you. This blog has existed in one form or another since 16 March 2001 — and its roots go back to 1997. When you consider that I’ve had a number […]

Ice King

15 December 2010

For years, I’ve taunted Kris because she gets cold so easily. Driving in the car, she needs the heat up. Sitting around the house, she needs the heat up. When we go out to dinner or a movie, she needs to bundle tight because she knows she’s going to get cold. Even in the summer, […]

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