November 2012

My Blog Reading List

04 November 2012 · 6 comments

I’m surprised how often people ask me to list the blogs I read. To me, a blog reading list is as individual as a fingerprint. Everyone has different tastes. Sharing my favorites doesn’t seem useful. But last week, after yet another person asked for my list of “best blogs”, I decided to sit down and […]

When I returned from Turkey, I came home to find that the song “Gangnam Style” was everywhere. (600 million views on YouTube!) I’m okay with that. I love it too. Here, though, is an acoustic version of “Gangnam Style” that may be my favorite version yet: I’m a sucker for pop music. Bonus: Here’s a […]

Earlier this week, I mentioned Do the Work!, Steven Pressfield’s small book about overcoming procrastination and getting things done. Today, I want to share something I read recently in The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck. My parents loved The Road Less Traveled when I was a boy, but I’ve never read it myself. […]