When I returned from Turkey, I came home to find that the song “Gangnam Style” was everywhere. (600 million views on YouTube!) I’m okay with that. I love it too. Here, though, is an acoustic version of “Gangnam Style” that may be my favorite version yet:

I’m a sucker for pop music.

Bonus: Here’s a Halloween light show set to the song. Crazy!

Bonus Bonus: Haha! In the days since I wrote this, Andy linked to infinite Gangnam style. Also crazy!

Bonus Bonus Bonus: This song will be the end of us all…

2 Replies to “Gangnam Style — Acoustic!”

  1. kate says:

    Ha! I have a 12-year-old boy – this song is the #1 most listened to song in our house right now. Thank goodness it’s a fun, catchy song. Thanks for the links, he enjoyed them.

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