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When to follow the rules — and when to break them

20 December 2019

Last night’s HelloFresh recipe was Bulgogi Pork Tenderloin. As always, the instructions were clear and easy to follow. As always, it took me about twice as long to prep things as the recipe card said they would. I chopped the vegetables, boiled the rice, seared the meat, made the sauce. But when I reached the […]

Wishing for a walkable neighborhood

01 December 2019

“You sure slept in late,” I said to Kim this morning. “I know,” she said. “I was up for two hours in the middle of the night. I was thinking about you. I was thinking about everything we talked about at our family meeting.” “For two hours?” I asked. “Yeah,” Kim said. “My wheels were […]

How the toss of a coin determined my fate

21 October 2019

Hello! I have returned from my final big trip of the year, and I’ve resumed working behind the scenes here at Get Rich Slowly. Soon, new articles will begin to appear on this site. Oh, wait. Here’s a new article now! On my most recent trip, I happened to tell the same story twice to […]

How I’m fighting chronic depression and anxiety

18 September 2019

Hello, friends! I have four money articles in progress, plus I’m editing several guest posts for future publication. But today I want to give a brief update on my mental health. My depression and anxiety have been tough this year but it feels like I’ve turned a corner, and I want to share what’s helped. […]

A phoenix from the flames

29 July 2019

“You should bring back your personal blog,” my friend Tom told me last week. Tom is also the business half of Get Rich Slowly. He works on marketing and monetization. “What do you mean?” I asked. “You have a need to express yourself,” he said. “You’ve been writing more personal stuff at Get Rich Slowly, […]

A self-made man

21 July 2019

My father died twenty-four years ago today. As I drove to the airport this morning — I’m on a short trip to San Diego — my mind drifted back to him and what he was like. I don’t think of Dad often anymore, and when I do it’s mostly superficial stuff: Dad was fat. His […]

Depression and me

28 June 2019

For much of the past two weeks, I’ve been wrestling with my mental health. I could sense a crisis coming, so I scheduled some time away. I didn’t want to have to be worrying about blog posts while I was worrying about everything else. Thus, my “summer vacation”. Long-time readers are aware that I’ve struggled […]

How to make better (and quicker) decisions

10 June 2019

Last week, I wrote about how I’ve embraced mindful shopping. I’m teaching myself to be more deliberate about the things I own and buy. My goal is to buy less and, more importantly, to own less. As part of this, I don’t want to waste time shopping. I’m trying to train myself to make better […]

Big pleasure from small things

28 May 2019

Hello, friends. I have returned from France and recovered from jetlag. (I’m not good with jetlag.) Later this week, I’ll publish an article about how much my cousin Duane and I spent during our ten-day drive across Normandy and Brittany, but today I want to share one small epiphany I had on the trip. Midway […]

Welcome to fifty: My first health scare as a middle-aged man

08 April 2019

Three weeks ago today, I had a major health scare. Because it was Monday, I was at the family box factory. I had just finished running payroll and had taken paychecks out to the shop. I exited the building and *bam* my chest just sort of seized up. “Ouch,” I thought. But, being a Roth, […]

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