Recently, a friend asked me for advice on investing. This happens frequently. After writing about money for twenty years, people seek my advice on a variety of subjects. I used to provide detailed answers when people asked me questions. Nowadays, I direct them to existing tools and resources.

And for investing advice? Really, there’s only one source I recommend: J.L. Collins. The advice Collins offers — passively invest in low-cost index funds — is neither new nor revolutionary. What sets Collins apart is his delivery. His presentation of this information is clear, concise, and comprehensive.

When my friend asked about investing recently, I sent her this hour-long video of Collins explaining his philosophy for the folks at Google.

That’s everything anyone needs to know about how to invest successfully. But if I feel like a person needs a deeper dive, I’ll direct them to Collins’ book, The Simple Path to Wealth (print, audio), in which he’s able to provide more detail. (And for the deepest dive of all, I suggest people read Collins’ blog.)

Too many people try to overcomplicate investing. Too many people pay others to provide subpar investment results. This really is something you can do yourself — and the map laid out in The Simple Path to Wealth offers clear instructions for how to achieve your investing goals.

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