Bad Soup

19 December 2001

In which three-week-old garlic-onion soup makes me sick sick sick on the day Fellowship of the Ring opens.

A Helping Hand

08 December 2001

In which I help Dave and Karen work on their new house.

Rugby and Stephen King

10 November 2001

In which I watch the same rugby match over-and-over. In which I read Stephen King.

Daily Life

12 July 2001

In which I enjoy a summer of biking, reading, and killing demonic hordes.


05 June 2001

In which I’m home sick, cooking myself steaks, getting drunk on red wine, and beginning the process of ripping all my CDs to MP3.

Tintin is Dying

25 May 2001

In which The Best Cat Ever hasn’t long to live, and that breaks my heart.

Bachelor Life

07 May 2001

In which Kris is gone for a week, so I have time to live a man’s life.


04 May 2001

In which sometimes I worry that I might be a hypochondriac.

In which I am NOT impressed by David Eggers.

16.9 Miles

24 April 2001

In which I have a lovely bike ride.