Well, I’m home today, feeling ill and run-down. What I want most is to sleep, but the phone keeps ringing. Twice it has been Jeremy, and twice more there was nobody (though one nobody let voice mail pick up and the background noises sound like Canby Ford, which would mean Jeremy).

Jeremy likes to use the phone instead of e-mail. His reasons for this are difficult to fathom, but I humor him. E-mail is non-intrusive to the recipient, and can be replied to in free time. Telephone calls require immediate attention. Actually, this may be the reason Jeremy prefers telephone calls.

After having my sleep interrupted five or six times, I gave up. I decided to fix myself a nice filet mignon for luch, accompanying it with some cabernet sauvignon. Rather than cook the steak on the grill, however, I tried to use my new(ish) cookware. Big mistake. Once again, I’ve managed to char the bottom of the pan. Despite this, the steak was far, far underdone (after twenty minutes — I was aiming for medium and got blue instead, maybe even rarer than blue). I had to microwave the thing.

I’ve had enough wine to get slighly intoxicated (doesn’t happen often, but is easier when I’m feeling sick). Whee!

After my steak, I made a “hot fudge Thursday”. Basically, this is a hot fudge sundae made with frozen yogurt instead of ice cream. It’s not very good. I like the fudge, though. While eating, I’m watching the animated version of The Lord of the Rings. Boy, does this stink! It’s easily one of the worst films that I’ve ever seen. Why do I subject myself to this torture? Well, I’m rereading the book right now and wanted to see Tolkien’s creations brought to life. The books are amazing, and an example of high-quality writing in the realm of fantasy/science fiction. I’d use this an example for Dane of the level of quality that I want in all the books I read (but is sorely lacking in nearly all scifi/fantasy).

I’ve begun ripping all of my compact discs to mp3. I have my ripping program (dbPowerAMP) running almost constantly while I’m at home. I already have about 10gb of mp3s that I’ve downloaded via Napster or Bearshare or that I’ve ripped from my personal vinyl collection. I figure I’ve got about 15 – 20gb of CD material to rip. Each CD takes about 15 minutes, so it’s going to be a month-long task. In the end, I’ll probably get yet another hard drive (drives are cheap) to allocate exclusively to music. Ultimately, I’d like to be able to set up my Linux box as an mp3 server for the house and for away-from-home. More later on the feasability of this endeavor. I’ve got nearly 75mb of hard drive space in this machine, so theoretically I don’t need another drive. I want one, though — a nice 50 or 60 gigabyte beast giving me room to grow.

I spent about ten hours on Computer Resources Northwest related work over the weekend. Cool beans. I finally will get some money to cover the cost of Andrew and Jeremy’s cell phone…

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