A Helping Hand

by J.D. Roth

I got up early this morning and joined Dave and Karen at their new house for some pre-move-in sprucing up.

They’ve bought a nice little 1926 bungalow located in Southeast Portland. It looks to be in good shape for its age; still, there is much to be done before they are willing to live in it. In particular, they are attacking the hardwood floors (which are in nearly every room in the house) with great enthusiasm. Dave is sanding like a madman, and together they are painting and applying polyeurathane (did I spell that correctly?).

Dave has helped me with house- and yard-work in the past, so I was pleased to be able to return the favor. He put me to work in the Very Cold basement, applying a thick paint-like substance to the floor (and part of the wall). It’s a moisture barrier of sorts, and smells exactly like the ammonia with which my mother used to mop the floors when I was a child. The work was tedious, and my knees became quite sore after a couple of hours, but I was not unhappy. Work is good sometimes, especially when you’re helping a friend.

While I was out today, I bought a new Compact Flash memory card for my digital camera. I’m a poor photographer (with unfounded aspirations to greatness) and tend to take many shots of any particular subject in order to maximize my chances of producing at least one acceptable photo. I but a memory card four times the size of my current card (which holds about 55 pictures using my typical settings). Well. I bought a 64mb card, assuming that I had a 16mb card at home. Wrong. I have an 8 mb card at home. A 64mb card is eight times the size of my previous card. I can now store 440 pictures on one card. Yikes. What am I going to do? That’s far more memory than I actually need!

I have four options, I guess:

  1. Keep the card. Just take a huge number of pictures between downloading sessions.
  2. Keep the card. Increase the size and/or quality of the photos that I’m taking.
  3. Return the card and replace it with a 32mb card. Trouble is, I don’t much like the mall. It was unusual for me to be there in the first place.
  4. See whether I can get a friend to give me a 32mb card and $25 for this card.

I think I’m going to explore options two and three. I think higher quality pictures would be keen, but I may already have the camera producing at its highest settings. I’m not interested in larger pictures, either. I currently store the photos at 640×480 and see little need for them to be larger.

I am still Very Cold after having spent so much time in Dave’s Very Cold basement today. I’m making a pot of cocoa and am going to go soak in the tub. I need to warm my inner core.

Updated: 08 December 2001

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