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Totally Tomatoes (by Kris)

30 April 2006

In which Kris raves about her tomatoes, which are now ready to plant in the garden.

Monday, May Day, Monday

29 April 2006

In which I speak up for the immigrants.


28 April 2006

In which I recover from my illness by sitting outside in the warm spring air. In which I share some photographs.

A Visit With Doctor Comic-Book-Guy

27 April 2006

In which Doctor Comic-Book-Guy puts me on drugs to combat my fever.


26 April 2006

In which my father was an entrepreneur, and I intend to become one.


25 April 2006

In which I have a fever.

Coming Home

24 April 2006

In which Rosings Park finally feels like home.

Four Color Comics and Get Rich Slowly

21 April 2006

In which I discuss my two new weblogs.

Spring Reverie

20 April 2006

In which I capture some moments in spring.

Sesame Street Video Clips

19 April 2006

In which I spend several hours collecting Sesame Street video clips to share with you.

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