There’s been a lot of talk about this next song. Maybe too much talk. This song is not a rebel song. This song is Nuestro Himno.

Where do people get the idea that anyone wants to change the current national anthem to the Spanish version? Where do they get the idea that this is anything other than a heartfelt homage to the original? Why does this make them angry instead of filling them with pride?

This is a tempest in a teapot.

And when did the issue of illegal immigration erupt into such a frenzied debate? Was there some catalyst that I missed? Why are so many people opposed to immigrants — illegal or otherwise — who want to maintain a sense of their original culture? The United States is a hell of a lot more interesting because of the different cultures that have intertwined here.

In Bend last weekend, we talked about immigration. Sabino’s family came up from Mexico when he was about ten. He’s worked hard and now owns a successful accounting firm. He’s an asset to the community and a citizen of the United States. Ron is taking over the family nursery. The nursery employs several Mexican immigrants, mostly hard-working men who have been with them a long time. Their employees are concerned about all of the fuss. We employee several Mexican immigrants at Custom Box, too. We believe they’re legal (we’ve done the required checks), but who can tell? Our employees are great: they work hard and are fun to be with.

On Monday — May Day — immigrants around the country plan to stage mass demonstrations. This, too, bugs some people. At our office, we’re giving our immigrant employees the day off — with pay — to join the demonstrations. I hope to see other companies in the Portland-area do the same thing.

There. I’ve kept my political rant short and civil. In closing, let me share one gem of a comment from the USA Today blog entry about Nuestro Himno:

Isn’t there some sort of copy right infringement law where you need permission to sing “anothers” song. If this was an Elvis song “they” sang in “Spanish” wouldn’t “they” need permission? Someone has to own the rights to the song and they should seek legal action to settle these questions. do you hear me George?


3 Replies to “Monday, May Day, Monday”

  1. Mom says:

    It’s a good thing we’re giving them the day off for another reason — maybe that way they will avoid the flu. 😛

  2. mark says:

    I think most people in this country are fine with immigrants, legal immigrants. I don’t know why so many people fail to understand the frustration that 80% of Americans have with illegal immigrants. The key word is simply this: illegal. Really, it’s that simple.

  3. Bill Hooker says:

    At our office, we’re giving our immigrant employees the day off — with pay — to join the demonstrations.

    Good man.

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